Red Halloween wigs can be used for your Vampire costume, or to add a dramatic effect to a white costume or even a Devil costume. These are only a few ideas for red Halloween wigs. The list is endless really and you can even wear your wig on a night out for a wow factor effect!

Below is only a small selection of red Halloween wigs you can pick up from Halloween Costumes. Some of our favorites are below!

red Halloween wigs

Adult Deluxe Red Queen Wig

How do you ever plan to rule an entire kingdom without the right hairstyle? The Red Queen from Tim Burton’s Through the Looking Glass, now that’s a lady with a hairdo that can keep a kingdom under control!

She wanted to keep her hairstylist a secret from all of her subjects and especially her beloved little sister, the White Queen, so naturally, she had the hairdresser beheaded.

• From Smiffy’s Fever Wig Collection
• Short, curly red hair styled in a heart shape
• High-quality mesh lining holds wig firmly in place
• Even fits over regular-sized heads!

red Halloween wigs

Vintage I Love Lucy Housewife Wig

Ladies wearing a vintage housewife Halloween costume need to buy this Red Vintage wig. We wouldn’t know of many women that would actually have this hairstyle in today’s fashion so this is an excellent wig.

This wig gives you Lucy’s red locks without a dye job and is already styled to her timeless look. It’s tinted the perfect hue and curled to perfection. Not a hair will go out of place, even as you try to keep up with candy on the conveyor belt!

• Wig is synthetic hair on mesh cap
• Wig cap has elastic edge for a snug fit
• Officially licensed

red Halloween wigs

Styleable Silver Screen Siren Women’s Red Wig

A bonafide way to be the new ‘it’ girl! Ever wonder why blondes get all the attention? Yeah, us too. We don’t know about you, but we always tend to gravitate toward the ladies with fiery red locks, not the blonde bombshells.

Lucky you, we have the perfect Red Halloween Wig from Halloween Costumes for you to try!

• Fever Quality Silver Screen Siren Wig
• 100% synthetic hair on mesh cap with elastic edge
• Long red wavy wig
• *Some styling may be required

red Halloween wigs

Big Red Auburn Adult Wig

We all know who belongs to this wig style! Peggy Bundy fans looking for her red hairstyle, look no further!

Classic Peggy red Halloween wig that sits high on top then cascades down to the shoulders with wavy loose curls.

In case the guys are wondering there aren’t any wigs available as Al Bundy but then really fellas he didn’t have a lot of hair, we think the family caused his hair loss or was it the dog!

red Halloween wigs

Adult Deluxe Manic Tea Party Red Wig

The table is set with your favorite cups and saucers. The lemon wedges and sugar cubes have been artfully arranged. So what have you forgotten? To do your hair!

No worries, you have this deluxe tea party wig to rescue you from the brink of a style disaster. Slip it on over your own unkempt locks and you’ll be greeting guests to the most wonderful tea party they’ve ever encountered.

• From Smiffy’s Fever Wig Collection
• Mid-length wavy auburn hair
• Comfortable, high-quality netting inside keeps the wig secure, your head cool

red Halloween wigs

Child Ariel Ultra Prestige Wig

We want to see everyone’s little girl get her chance to have a fairy tale adventure of her own and what better way than by dressing up as her favorite Disney Princess?

This Ariel Ultra Prestige Wig helps with that!

• 100% olefin (synthetic) hair on mesh cap with elastic edge
• Auburn red hair styled in long waves with center part
• Soft-sculpted starfish hair clip is mounted on a plastic alligator clip
• Officially licensed

red Halloween wigs

Adult Gothic Red Wig

We know a thing or two or three about wigs, trust us.

So take our word when we say this Adult Gothic Red Wig will never, ever, over the course of even a vampire’s life be mistaken for your natural color. Or, if that wasn’t your concern, and you are merely looking to add a little extra attitude to your gothic look, this short bob can do just that.

• Bangs are styled differently from the picture
• Vibrant red hair
• Interior mesh cap with elastic
• Will not be mistaken for your natural color

red Halloween wigs

Sally Child Wig

Another nice thing about being a rag doll, she was created with a nice head of hair. Or, not really hair, more like yarn, either way, it looks pretty cool. While we can’t completely transform you into a rag doll creation that can’t feel pain or get sick this Halloween.

We can, however, make sure that your hair looks just as cool as Sally’s with this Sally Child Wig just as she did when she was wandering through the graveyard singing about Jack Skellington.

• 100% Acrylic yarn
• Built in mesh cap w/ yarn overlay
• Officially licensed

red Halloween wigs

Child Merida Wig

Merida from Brave isn’t the first Disney princess to have red hair — that distinction belongs to Ariel. Our Merida Wig bursts with tousled crimson locks, the key and indispensable accessory for any little girl feeling brave.

Team this frizzy do up with a Deluxe Merida Costume and Forest Princess Bow and your little princess will have everything she needs to play the part!

• 71% olefin, 29% polyester synthetic hair
• 100% polyester mesh wig cap
• Elastic band in cap edge for a snug fit
• Officially licensed

red Halloween wigs

Women’s Elizabethan Wig

This Women’s Elizabethan Wig will be good for cosplay, Halloween, or your next costume party! The curly and styled faux hair wig uses adhesive pearls that stick onto the wig, and it’s one size fits most.

So please be nice to your legion of servants, because your hair will be fantastic no matter what. It’s a royal hairdo that doesn’t require a palace staff to achieve!

• Faux hair wig
• Adhesive pearls stick onto the wig
• Wig hair is curly and styled
• One size fits most

red Halloween wigs

Root Of All Evil Accessory Wig

Whether you want to become the most powerful villain in history or just want to show everyone that wickedness is naturally within you, this Root of All Evil Wig is sure to grow on you.

Combine it with a leafy costume to create an iconic comic character or use some unique makeup to show that your wickedness has truly deep roots!

• 100% synthetic hair on mesh cap with elastic edge
• One size fits most

red Halloween wigs

Harlequin Fun Wig

Cross the boundary of insanity with this Harlequin Wig and get ready to paint the town hysterical. This olefin hair on a mesh cap fits comfortably while the multi-hued hair gives you the perfect hint at fun, mirth, and a wicked streak that can’t be avoided.

The wig cap has elastic bands at the back that can be hooked at different lengths to adjust the size in case you want to go shorter or longer, either to hide your identity or just to switch things up. More, the ponytails are mounted on claws that clip to the hair, letting you go with a pony, pig, or no tail at all. Or wear them at strange angles just to get those extra grins from Mr. J!

red Halloween wigs

Rag Doll Girl Red Halloween Wigs

You are into getting your dolls back. Particularly one doll with red yarn hair. You’ve searched all over the internet, gone to random yard sales, and looked through your parent’s basement. All to no avail. You can’t find her.

Your best friend from childhood. But that doesn’t mean you will stop looking.

Well, we can’t help you find her, but we can help you look like her! With this Rag Doll Girl Wig you can become your favorite doll from childhood. Just put this wig on, and add a little rouge to your cheeks, and high eyebrows to really recapture that raggedy look, and your childhood!

• Red yarn wig parted in the middle with pigtails on each side
• Features elastic along interior

red Halloween wigs

Red Clown Wig With Bald Spot

If you want to look like a seasoned, yet stressed-out, working clown-like Dongle here, then this bright red clown wig is the accessory that you need.

The synthetic hair sticks out on the sides, revealing a pretty serious bald spot. Be proud of your large bald spot cause not everyone has what it takes to make it in the clown bizz!

• 100% polyester synthetic hair on mesh cap with elastic edge
• White fabric “bald spot” on top

If none of the above red Halloween wigs suit what you are looking for, don’t worry there are far more for you to choose from. Simply jump over to Halloween Costumes online and have a look around.

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