Halloween toys can be a great addition for Halloween kids parties, Great Goodie Bag Fillers, School Classroom Rewards, Halloween Prizes to the Trick-or-Treat or even stocking fillers at Christmas!
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Bath Bomb with Halloween Toys, 8 Pieces

The best time of the year is finally here! You’ve got your costume looks ready to go, your pumpkin-flavored coffee creamer in the fridge, and the rest of your house decked out in its spooky best.

It’s time to bring the Halloween fun to your bubble bath experience as well!

Give your next self-care session some Halloween flair with this Bath Bomb with Halloween Toys set!

Each of the eight bath bombs come in fun seasonal colors. When dropped in a warm bath, they fizz and melt away to reveal an adorable Halloween toy.

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8 Piece Set Halloween Slow Rising Squishy Figures

Like any time of the year, Halloween can have its stressful moments.

It could be when seventeen extra uninvited guests show up to your vampire-themed party, or when you realize that the moaning noises you’ve been hearing in your vents aren’t from your “Haunted Corn Maze” playlist:

Your house is actually haunted by a vengeful spirit.

Whatever the circumstance, this set of 8 slow-rising squishy figures will help you relieve some of the pressure.

Squeeze any of the cartoon-like Halloween figures and watch them slowly regain their shapes! The kids will love these Halloween toys.

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Game of Thrones Daenerys’ Dragons Hide & Seek Dog Toy

They say that pets take after their owners. If that’s true then since you love the acclaimed HBO series, ‘Game of Thrones’, your dog must be a huge fan of the show too!

Now, you can make your little furbaby the happiest pup in town when you grab them this Game of Thrones Daenerys’ Dragons Hide and Seek Dog Toy.

Your furry little friend will have three dragons of their own. Thanks to the included dragon egg, you can enhance playtime when you hide these adorable dragons inside the eggshell.

With squeakers in the dragons as well as crinkle-noise wings, your pup will have hours upon hours of enjoyment!

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Peek-A-Boo Bear 10″ Light Up Scary Bear

When it comes to Halloween toys, we are not sure it gets any scarier than this bear! Can be used as a, dare we suggest a teenager gift or Halloween prop.

Its red eyes and jagged-toothed mouth will spook and unsettle anyone who sees them when it moves its hands for the scare.

The pressable button on the foot invites you in like any fun kids’ toy, then the scary face and sudden motion will be sure to deliver on that Halloween promise.

You will love seeing friends and family jump out of their shoes when they try this scary bear out!

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Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber Toy

Did you know that every Jedi lightsaber is powered by a rare item called a Kyber Crystal, otherwise known as the living crystal?

Each Jedi has to build his or her own lightsaber with one, so that they eventually become very personally connected.

In any case, pick up this fun, battery-operated Halloween toy and allow the power of the force to flow through you or one of your children!

  • Plastic blue-bladed lightsaber
  • Blade can be extended out
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Disney Pixar Lightyear Zurg Toy Roleplay Arm Blaster

Take over the galaxy with the help of this officially licensed Disney Pixar Lightyear Zurg Toy Roleplay Arm Blaster!

The mighty plastic blaster has a three-barrelled muzzle that can shoot three of the included yellow plastic darts at once.

Simply load the blunt-ended darts and pull the handle to shoot.

Let’s see Buzz try to withstand THIS onslaught – oh right, plastic isn’t lethal.

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Doctor Strange Strange Spell Toy Blaster

This halloween toys weapon fits nicely in hand. Kids’ imaginations will go wild when they picture themselves as Doctor Strange, pulling the ripcord and blasting a spell right at Shuma Gorath.

If you or your kid require some Marvel accessories or just love Dr. Strange, this toy blaster is for you!

  • Plastic blaster and spell blasts
  • Load the blaster, yank the ripcord to launch
  • Ages 6+
  • Officially licensed
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Marvel Spider-Man Super Web Slinger Blaster

This Spider-Man Super Web Slinger Blaster is a quick and easy way to shoot webs like a superhero. The toy blaster comes with a canister of webbing, a refillable water canister, the wrist blaster, and a Spidey glove.

Just put the glove on, wrap the blaster around the wrist and load it with one of the canisters.

The web canister shoots aerosol string, while the water canister can be filled with water to shoot water.

  • Polyester glove is one-size-fits-most
  • Web slinger comes in pieces, assembly required
  • Can be used with web fluid OR with water
  • Web slinger has elastic wrist band
  • Officially licensed
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Kids Iron Man Latex Infinity Gauntlet

This officially licensed Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet is a kid’s sized glove that recreates the mighty gauntlet from Avengers: Endgame.

It’s made out of molded latex material and comes with intricate details from the movie designed right into the exterior of the glove.

Each knuckle has an “Infinity Stone” crafted right into it. Once your child has it on, they’ll be ready to snap their fingers to save the world from disaster!

  • Flexible latex gauntlet
  • Painted gems
  • Officially licensed
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8 Characters Pumpkin Coloring Kit
Decorating jack o’ lanterns is a hugely fun Halloween tradition! It’s just that sometimes it’s kind of messy.

You have to scoop out all of the pumpkin guts from inside your gourd if you want the face you carved to show up. Life hack: Choose coloring instead!

Show off your creative side this halloween with an 8 Characters Pumpkin Coloring Kit!

The set includes six paint tubs and all the materials needed to make eight different pumpkin characters, such as a vampire, a devil, a pumpkin, a unicorn, a spider, a witch, Frankenstein, and more.

Ages 3+