Famous people through history or today’s pop culture have always been high on the list for anyone looking for famous Halloween wigs. This year will be no different.

Old favorites such as the Uncle Sam wig for adults, Barbie for your daughter and Einstein for guys will all sell as hot ticket items.

We have listed our top picks below, mixing famous folk from history to pop and rock! There are many more famous Halloween wigs ideas at Halloween Costumes. Buying from Halloween Costumes assures you great service, best deals and getting your Halloween costume wigs sent on time and internationally!

famous Halloween wigs

Wig Cleopatra

Wearing one of the amazing Cleopatra Halloween costumes this year?

Then you really need to add to your costume with this beautiful medium-length black crop Cleopatra Wig. An Egyptian-style gold fabric and faux jeweled headpiece is included.

• Synthetic hair on mesh cap w/ elastic edge band
• Long straight black hair w/ bangs & multiple narrow braids bound w/ metallic gold ribbon

famous Halloween wigs

Elvis Deluxe Wig Adult

Elvis is in the building! Always a favorite and will remain so the Elvis costumes and wigs.

Short black Elvis Wig for guys with a short fine cowlick flick at the fringe. Includes wig. Remember to add in those famous Elvis-style sunglasses and check out the Elvis costumes at Halloween Costumes.

famous Halloween wigs

Deluxe Marie Antoinette Wig

If Vogue existed in the 1770s, Marie Antoinette would probably be the editor. Sure she helped incite a rebellion that completely turned French aristocracy on its head, but you can’t deny that the woman could dress!

With your costume add this Deluxe Marie Antoinette White Wig to really complete your outfit with style!

• Made of 100% synthetic hair
• Platnium-blonde
• Styled in ringlets

famous Halloween wigs

True Colors 80s Wig

It’s not too late for you to be an icon of the 1980s. Or wait, it actually is a couple of decades too late.

At least this rad pop star True Colors Wig is still around to let you know what it would have felt like.

• Made of synthetic fibers
• Orange and yellow hair flipped to the side
• Mesh cap interior w/ elastic band

famous Halloween wigs

Marilyn Monroe Wig

Do you wish you had the hairstyle of a Hollywood legend? Bring back some vintage glamour to your next event when you wear this deluxe blonde bombshell wig.

It’s comes already styled so that you can be red carpet ready in an instant.

• Wavy platinum blonde synthetic hair
• Mesh wig cap with elastic band at back
• One size fits most adults

famous Halloween wigs

Uncle Sam Wig & Beard

Did you know that Uncle Sam was first used in 1816? Transform into the original Yankee Doodle with this Uncle Sam Wig and Chin Patch.

This set is perfect for Halloween or any patriotic event!

• Silver synthetic fiber wig styled like Uncle Sam’s
• Mesh lined interior w/ elastic at sides
• Silver chin beard features an adhesive strip on the back

famous Halloween wigs

Famous Halloween wigs for a Child include Honest Abe Beard

The style of beard worn by the U.S.’s 16th president is called a “chin curtain.” Your child can look just like Abraham Lincoln with this Child Honest Abe Beard.

It’s perfect for school plays or any costumed event. Bring a bit of history to life!

• 100% synthetic hair
• Secured with elastic band around back of the head; also has peel-off adhesive tabs
• Brown beard with a sprinkling of gray

famous Halloween wigs

Men’s Chameleon Pop Star Hat With Wig

You know what they say about karma? It comes and it goes but always comes back again.

This exclusive wig from Halloween Costumes is durable, high quality and guaranteed to perfect your legendary disguise. The wide brim hat features flashy rubber detailing and a 22-inch circumference. On the hat’s interior, an attached wig showcases brunette bangs and hanging braids.

Bright-colored ribbons are braided into each, truly capturing the appearance of the iconic 80’s popstar. (You know who we’re talking about…right?)

famous Halloween wigs

Billie Eilish Adult Green Double Bun Wig

If you like neon green (or Billie Eilish), you’ll love this Billie Eilish green double bun wig.

Use it to complete a costume so you can look just like her, or wear it whenever you need a pop of color!

• 100% polyester synthetic hair on mesh cap
• Mesh cap has elastic size-adjustment band in edge
• Officially licensed

When wearing any of the famous Halloween wigs, all you need to worry about is the amount of paparazzi chasing you this Halloween season!!