Using black Halloween costume wigs is one of the easiest methods to add that finishing touch to your Halloween costume.

We know the old line “clothes make the person” and it’s also true when it comes to your Halloween costume theme. Most costumes do not come complete or as a standard rule, with costume wigs. Meaning you do need to purchase them separately.
Whether you are looking for black wigs that are long and flowing or short you are sure to find a few ideas below.

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black Halloween costume wigs

KISS Demon Wig

If you want to dress up like rock and roll’s favorite dark son for your next costume party, you definitely can’t forget about the hair. So buy this KISS Gene Simmons Wig.

The styled black wig has a small ponytail on top and crimped hair on the sides, just like the real deal. We wouldn’t be surprised if you get mistaken for him as soon as you put it on. So put it on and get ready to rock and roll all night!

• 100% polyester synthetic hair
• Styled black hair
• Small ponytail on top w/ crimped hair
• Mesh net cap has elastic edge
• Officially licensed

black Halloween costume wigs

Voodoo Witch Women’s Wig

With a truly signature style, this black Halloween costume wigs is sure to be just the thing you need to complete the costume set or to create your own unique look!

This Voodoo Witch Wig features two hair tone colors, along with thick dreadlocks, cord wraps, and even attached feathers. We’re sure when you use this wig to complete your costume, you’re going to have a serious, real-deal look. Just don’t go trying to do any real Voodoo. Remember this is all just supposed to be Halloween fun!!

• 100% polyester synthetic hair on mesh cap with elastic edge
• Styling includes feathers and faux-rawhide cord wraps
• Exclusive

black Halloween costume wigs

Women’s Cruel Diva Wig

Your hair says it all. The world is black and white. It’s made of losers and winners. There are the humans who learned to use tools and clothe themselves and then there are those animals who haven’t progressed beyond growling and howling.

So let them call you cruel, a fashionable woman like yourself knows which way the world turns.

Womens Cruel Diva Wig
• 100% synthetic fiber
• Two tone wig with elastic net base

black Halloween costume wigs

Women’s Egyptian Queen Wig

This wig would look right at home in an Egyptian palace. It has a classic Cleopatra Wig with a bob cut and has braids in the front that are accented with gold.

We’re sure that Cleopatra would totally approve. With fringe bangs and a classic cut, this wig is sure to complement any of our Egyptian costumes just right!

• Wig is synthetic hair on mesh cap
• Mesh cap has elastic size-adjustment band in edge

black Halloween costume wigs

Adult Doll Wig

Styling your hair is often a time-consuming, frustrating, and difficult process of trial and error, so why risk that crucial final bow atop your perfect costume with messy dyes and imperfect straighteners? (Don’t let the robots win, we always say).

Avoid the mess and the stress with this Adult Doll Wig and you’ll be as goth as you imagined in a snap.

• Synthetic hair on mesh cap with elastic edge
• Styled in 2 pigtails held with satin ribbon ties
• Perfect finishing touch for any Goth or other scary costume

black Halloween costume wigs

Midnight Moon Ombre Wig Accessory

Luxuriously long, this wig is a full-moon white at the top and charcoal grey at the bottom. Loose curls create a lush, natural look that’s perfect for a witchy costume!

When you’re creating a witch costume, the magic is in the details. This wig will be a great place to start. Slip this fabulous wig on your head and just wait as you start to feel just a little more magical!

• 100% polyester wig
• Elastic mesh cap
• Ombre color and styled wavy hair
• Exclusively made by the Halloween Costumes team

black Halloween costume wigs

Wonder Woman Wig

Whether you’re stepping out of a cab for a swanky costume party or lassoing the truth and defending peace, your beloved Wonder Woman Wig will ensure you can keep your eye on the prize.

Add the iconic headband and you’re ready to rock a full Wonder Woman costume, but we also think you may want to keep this wig on hand for whenever you’re in need of a bit of a beauty boost.

Without the headband, it just makes you look like you’re having a really good hair day which makes this black Halloween costume wigs budget-friendly! 

• Dark synthetic hair hangs past shoulders
• Mesh lined interior
• Adjustable straps inside for perfect fit
• **Please Note: Headband is not included

black Halloween costume wigs

Girl’s Vampire Wig

This Gothic-style wig makes the whole situation moot since all it takes is a few seconds to have great hair for a night of blood-sucking.

This synthetic hair wig is perfect for any girl’s vampire costume this Halloween. This child wig has red streaks and is attached to a mesh net for a comfortable fit!

• Made of synthetic fiber
• Black hair with short bangs and red streaks
• Mesh net interior

black Halloween costume wigs

Dark Mad Hatter Wig

This Halloween, you’re looking to unlock a bit of your darker side.

We’re not talking all-out blood-sucking vampires, but we heard that you’re seeking a look just a bit more devious than your usual go-to getups. Might we suggest this Dark Mad Hatter Wig?

• 100% synthetic hair
• Black and silver hair
• Mesh wig cap

black Halloween costume wigs

Women’s Vampire Wig

Everyone expects vampires to show up being all sexy and provocative, but sometimes you just want to go out and relax. Let go of all those expectations.

This red and black vampire wig is just the trick. It’s still got the sexy locks you’d expect of a vampire, including some fire red highlights, but it means you’ll be ready to bump into anyone when you go out, whether your vampire friends or your next victim. You’ll look so good, your victim will just straight-up offer you their neck.

• Made of synthetic fibers
• Soft long black hair with red highlights
• Fringe bangs

black Halloween costume wigs

Wednesday Addams Wig

Show your dedication to the creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky lifestyle with this synthetic black wig styled into two long pigtails.

A forbidding scowl and a taste for the macabre are not included, but we’re betting if you’re checking out Wednesday Addams wigs, you can supply your own.

black Halloween costume wigs

Women’s Zebra Wig

Black and white twist together in this lovely braided Zebra wig that falls down past your shoulders.

The top makes for a playful boeuf with the black and white ears peer from the side, letting everyone know that you are a zebra, not just some fashionista playing safari!

• 100% polyester synthetic hair on elasticized mesh cap
• Wig is styled and braided
• One size fits most adults

black Halloween costume wigs

Men’s Purple Rock Legend Black Wig

This Purple Rock Legend wig is the answer to your prayers.

It’s got style. It’s got attitude. It’s got the kind of curls and sheen that will make a dove break out into tears. It’s exactly that epic. So, put it on, grab your Telecaster and put your purple suit on.

• 100% polyester synthetic hair on mesh cap with elastic edge
• Wig styled with curly black hair

black Halloween costume wigs

Clown Hair Clip-On Puff Buns

These Puff Buns will give your clowning alter-ego a sassy take on the classic clowning hair. When they’re clipped in you can finally get up to some crazy clowning antics without your funky hair falling off and exposing your not-so-nutty head.

Get ready to let your alter ego out to play with these funky buns.

• Clown Hair Clip-On Puff Buns
• 100% synthetic hair on a net base
• Stuffable net has a drawstring for closure
• Wig puffs have a comb attached to the net

black Halloween costume wigs

Psycho Jester Wig

This Psycho Jester Wig is perfect for Halloween or cosplay. You’ll look amazing no matter where you decide to wear it. This multicolored wig red and black wig is the perfect accent to your scary, sexy, or spooky jester costume.

Huge oversized shoes, water-squirting flowers, and rubber chickens are not for all clowns, like you. If you want to be a bit mysterious and attractive while keeping the kids guessing, then we’ve got the wig for you. the Psycho Jester Wig is just what you need to top off your costume.

• Faux hair wig
• Styled curly hair
• One size fits most

black Halloween costume wigs

Black Halloween Costume Wigs – Xena!

Our officially licensed Xena Wig will give you Lucy Lawless’ style without all the hair dye and bang trimming. Just put it on and bring the hurt!

• Synthetic hair on 100% polyester mesh cap with elastic edge
• Long, straight style with blunt-cut bangs
• Officially licensed

black Halloween costume wigs

Captain Pirate Wig

With this Captain Pirate Wig you can do all of the things that make you feel young.

Chant like a boy lost in the world. Comment on how poorly pirates play baseball, or get out and play for yourself. But it can be hard to hit a ball with a bat on a pirate ship.

If you aren’t up for pirate baseball, that’s okay. Just grab yourself a pint, and start singing “Yo ho, yo ho, it’s a pirates life for me.”

• Made of 100% synthetic hair
• Mesh net interior
• Lush black curls

black Halloween costume wigs

Hocus Pocus Adult Deluxe Mary Wig

It features the gorgeous dark and violet locks of Mary Sanderson, wound up in a wicked weave and set on an elastic mesh cap. So easy to wear it is practically evil!

If there is one thing that Mary Sanderson is super at, it is backing up her sisters on their quest for ultimate magic. We’d like to be your backup, too, with this Hocus Pocus Wig!

• 100% polyester faux hair wig
• Styled like Mary Sanderson hair
• Inside the wig has a mesh cap with an elastic closure to secure on your head
• Officially licensed

black Halloween costume wigs

Women’s Harem Princess Wig

There’s no need to deep condition or straighten your hair. Just roll your hair up tight, pop this on, and transform yourself into an Arabian princess.

How easy is that? Maybe you’ll even acquire the ability to belly dance, you never know what a wig can do.

Women’s Harem Princess Wig
• Wig is solid black with turquoise ribbons and brooch at center-front
• Pulled back style has rolled sides with a long low ponytail
• Mesh wig cap with elastic band at back
• One size fits most adults

black Halloween costume wigs

Hidden Rainbow Women’s Wig

Whether you’re going for a witchy rave look or you want your head to scream, “Pride is gonna be classy this year!” this long Rainbow Wig has smooth black locks with hidden flashes of rainbow color.

The long wig hangs past your shoulders, begging the wearer to play with different hairstyles like braiding to show off the different colors.

• Has attached wig cap
• Rich vibrant colors
• May require some styling

black Halloween costume wigs

Rocky Horror Picture Show Frank N Furter Wig

Wearing black Halloween costume wigs may be the only way to impress and capture that delicious Rocky, so don’t take any chances.

This Frank N Furter wig is comprised of 100% synthetic, black, curly hair, with an elastic-lined mesh interior. It is safe to say that this wig “ carries the Charles Atlas seal of approval, ” so let’s do the time warp again!

black Halloween costume wigs

Long Wavy Women’s Black/Lavender Ombre Wig

You’ll feel like you’re stepping out of a fairy tale when you put on this Ombre Wig. In tones of subtle silver, black, and purple, this wig twists into lovely ringlets that fall long past your shoulders.

It’s adjustable with an elastic band so if you need a slightly smaller size you won’t need to bother with bobby pins.

• 100% synthetic hair on mesh cap with elastic edge
• Feels like human hair

black Halloween costume wigs

Avatar Neytiri Wig

Neytiri, the princess of the Omaticaya clan and our hero Jake’s main squeeze, absolutely rocks the Na’vi bouffant with her thick shock of beaded braids.

Officially licensed Avatar Neytiri Wig

• Black synthetic fiber wig of tiny prids
• Pony in back while others hang loosely on the sides
• Some have brown wooden beads & red & yellow feathers in front
• Longest braids measure 33 1/2″
• Mesh lined interior
• Please Note: Feathers & beads vary slightly than what’s pictured

If none of the above black Halloween costume wigs take your fancy or suit your new costume, remember to head off to Halloween Costume Store to find more ideas. They have plenty of styles for you to choose from and are one of the biggest suppliers for all your latest black wigs for Halloween costumes.