Are you looking for the ultimate in scary Halloween masks for adults? You can dress up all you want but if your costume collection doesn’t include scary masks then you’re missing out on some major fear factors!

The Halloween mask has a long history but with modern molding tech, they get better every year. No fragile plastic shells here, our wide variety of scary Halloween masks will amp up your spooky festivities!

11 Scary Halloween Masks For Adults

While we have only chosen a few there are SO many incredible scary Halloween masks online! If you don’t mind spending a lot of money they even have one for nearly $800 YES you read right, that’s nearly EIGHT Hundred Dollars.. FOR a MASK! But it’s WOW factor as you would well imagine it to be!

scary halloween masks for adults

Deluxe Venom Mask

Peter Parker, Eddie Brock, Mac Gargan, and Flash Thompson have all been hosts to the alien symbiote. It amplifies the desire for violence and hatred within its partner, driving its host to bring madness and transforming them into hideous monsters. This is one freaky scary Venom Mask.

• Made of latex
• Officially licensed
• Full mask
• Realistic mold and painted details recreate the comic book character
• Mesh netting at eyes for vision
• Holes at nose and mouth for breathing
• Protruding tongue puts Gene Simmons to shame

scary halloween masks for adults

Deadly Silence Mask

You’ll terrify others and yourself once you’re inside the Deadly Silence Mask. From the gruesome head boils to the melted mouth, you’ll shock any onlooker seeking a closer look.

If you find yourself afraid remember it’s just a mask…we think.

• Latex mask
• Head boils
• Pale alien-like skin
• Melted mouth
• Peers into your soul and eats it

scary halloween masks for adults

Coulrophobia Clown Mask

I guess there are demons in all of us, more specifically clowns. I wonder what makes them gateway portals for evil thought? The large red nose, the wacky hair, the enlarged smile…with blood-soaked gross teeth… this is one scary Halloween masks for adults!

Ponder these things once you’ve slipped into this alarmingly disgusting Coulrophobia Clown Mask.

• Molded latex mask covers entire head; access slit at back
• Evil demon emerging through dead clown
• Blood splattered front, blue synthetic hair on top
• Terrifying demon face peering into your soul

scary halloween masks for adults

Officially Licensed They Live Mask

Be sure to take away all of your friends’ sunglasses before you wear this Officially Licensed They Live Mask–you don’t want them to see what you really are!

It’s great for fans of the 1988 cult movie.

• Molded latex full-head mask w/ synthetic hair on top & back
• Small eye, ear, nostril & mouth openings

scary halloween masks for adults

Jeepers Creepers Mask

Jeepers Creepers Mask! If you love horror films, you’ll love being the Creeper. This detailed mask will provide you with the scary look that’s needed for a flesh-eating monster. And if you don’t particularly care for the taste of human flesh, it’s a-okay to just, you know, portray the character instead of reenacting his evil deeds).

We think all the people at your party will appreciate it anyway!

• Molded latex mask covers entire head & neck
• Slit at back for fitting
• Long strand of white synthetic hair at back
• Officially licensed

scary halloween masks for adults

Hellraiser III Pinhead Deluxe Mask

This Pinhead mask will make a bone-chilling entrance to any costume party whether the unsuspecting revelers know of the Hell priest or they’re blissfully unaware. His skin is deathly pale with a bloody grid that’s dotted with large nails all over the head. With full coverage, you’ll feel confident in your freaky look, no matter the angle!

• Molded latex mask covers the entire head & neck
• Slit at back for access
• Openings at inner corners of character eye sockets allow limited vision
• Officially licensed

scary halloween masks for adults

Screaming Joker Mask

WOW this Jocker mask just rocks! Very detailed facial features. Wide screaming drop-down jaw, with ugly teeth!

Sickly gray color face with bright green hair and eyebrows. No one will mistake you for anything but the ghastly Joker from the Batman movie series! Without a doubt, the best Joker masks are available online.

• Made of latex
• Full mask design
• Molded to the shape of Joker’s face
• Exaggerated facial characteristics

scary halloween masks for adults

Belial the Demon Red Mask ( the $800 dollar mask!)

If you want to capture a bit of that charming evil, start with this Belial the Demon Red Mask. Belial can be found in all sorts of stories and is a notable character in the Diablo videogame series.

This soft, flexible silicone mask covers the entire head and neck and features exquisite molded details of reptile scales and horns. Hand-painted details add stunning realism. Show off your inner demon for Halloween!

• Soft, flexible silicone mask covers entire head and neck
• Exquisite molded details of reptile scales & horns
• Hand-painted details add realism

scary halloween masks for adults

Springwood Slasher Mask from A Nightmare on Elm Street

This theatrical mask perfectly captures slashers’ fire-gnarled skin from Nightmare On Elm Street. The mask has graphic detail throughout the mask with peeling skin on every part of the face, the top of the scalp, and the back of the head.

• Natural latex full-head mask has a slit at back for access
• Eye openings allow vision, nostril, and mouth openings
• Officially licensed
• NOTE: This product may need cleaning prior to use due to the manufacturing process.

scary halloween masks for adults

Universal Studios The Creature Mask

Have you ever thought about what you would look like as a creature living in the depths of a dark murky swamp?

Wonder no more we think we have found it!
This gorgeous, sculpted mask is formed from brilliant green latex. It covers the whole head, with a slit down the back to fit your head comfortably and fully disguise your human form. The fishy eyes contain holes so that you can see while wearing your fishy disguise.

Officially licensed by Universal Studios, this mask is instantly recognizable by classic movie monster fans on dry land and in the depths of your Black Lagoon!

scary halloween masks for adults

Animated Scanning Cyborg Adult Mask

It won’t matter which action movie you want to come from, with this mask you’ll be the most terrifying cyborg ever!

Hunt puny humans or fight side by side with them against aliens, it’s your choice! Now of course, with a mask this realistic, it’s going to be hard to convince the humans to trust you!

• Molded latex mask covers entire head; slit at back for access
• Single slit above character’s right eye allows limited vision
• Download free smartphone app, place the phone in left eye pocket for an animated effect

There you have it, our top picks for scary Halloween masks for adults. You will certainly find a LOT more Halloween masks at Halloween Costumes if nothing here has taken your fancy or scared the pants off you!