Whether you are looking for blue Halloween wigs for a clown costume, rock star, movie star & more, Halloween costumes have a number of options for a dramatic effect. We have picked out some of our favorites to give you an idea of what is available.

blue Halloween wigs

Neon Blue Long Women’s Wig

Add a bright splash of color to your look with this long neon blue wig for women!

With an electrifying look that will add interest to a sexy monster costume, a cupcake or candy costume and many more!

This gorgeous mop of long, thick, hot blue hair tumbles down into beautifully bouncy curls for a classic “vixen” look with a splash of sci-fi and fantasy thrown in.

The possibilities this wig will open up for you on Halloween are virtually endless — it pairs with many looks, dresses, and costumes. And best of all, it’ll save you the trouble of having to dye your hair yourself!

blue Halloween wigs

Mystical Long Wavy Wig

Of course, if you want to skip all the hassle of deep-sea diving and blowing big bucks on undersea styling then you could simply choose to go with a gorgeous mermaid wig!

This pastel look is rich with a variety of colors and has the gentle waves you’d expect from a siren lounging in a sunny seaside cove. With lovely seashells and pearls, this wig pairs perfectly with a variety of our high-quality mermaid costumes so dive right in and take a look!

• 100% polyester synthetic hair on mesh cap with elastic edge
• *Some styling may be required

shiny blue hallowen billie eilish wig

Billie Eilish Blue Kid’s Wig

If your little girl would like to imitate one of the star’s various styles, try this Billie Eilish blue child wig. It’s a great way to get her look without having to commit to a blue head for weeks. It has an elastic size adjustment to fit your growing child, and the hair is 100% polyester.

You don’t have to worry about anyone else going bald so your kid can have a fun hairdo! Use this wig to complete a Billie Eilish costume or for any character that has sapphire tresses.

It’s a great item to have on hand for all types of dress-up, and we’re sure your child will have tons of fun wearing it!

blue Halloween wigs for clown costumes

Blue Afro Clown Wig

You don’t have to go to clown college to start clowning around. All you need is the right attitude, a red nose, and some crazy hair.

If you’re craving that nose-honking, big shoe-wearing lifestyle, there’s no better place to start than getting yourself a bright blue clown wig.

Now we are not saying clowns should always go for the whole blue Halloween wigs idea, you can also use colorful wigs, as per our clown costume idea.

blue halloween wigs

Adult Coraline Blue Wig

Feel like the curious protagonist and survivor of strange worlds when you don this officially licensed Coraline Wig. This comfy cap is styled by our own magical designers to have the same sheen as our favorite animated character!

The gradient of black and blue hair falls below your jawline in this wig which comes with the dragonfly hairclip. (Who could forget that!?) Also available in children’s sizes.

• 100% olefin synthetic hair on mesh cap
• Wig cap has elastic edge for snug fit
• Metal dragonfly pin set w/ cut glass faux gems
• Officially licensed, exclusive

blue halloween wigs

Tinsel Midnight Blue Long Bob Wig

This gorgeous blue tinsel wig looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale with a modern twist. It’s angled to fall just below your shoulders. The deep blue is shot through with silver, making your appearance extra mysterious.

If you’re putting together a stand-out look, this wig is a great way to start. Pair this with facial jewels and any of our mermaid, witch, or alien costumes and you’re sure to feel extra mystical!

• Wig is synthetic hair on mesh cap
• Mesh cap has an elastic size-adjustment band in edge

blue halloween wigs

Retro Rock Maxine Wig

One sure way to make your hair rock as hard as you do is by slipping on this wild Retro Rock Maxine Wig. This wavy, pin-up style hairdo adds a sassy blue upgrade to a classic style.

Wear it proudly with a sexy retro dress, greaser outfit, or whatever ensemble expresses you the best. Just don’t worry what anyone else thinks about it!

• Wig is synthetic hair on mesh cap
• Mesh cap has elastic size-adjustment band in edge

blue halloween wigs for costumes

Blue Halloween Wigs Get Funky For Guys!

Throw on this Funky Blue Punk Wig if you want to give yourself a wild punk rock hairstyle, but can quickly go back to your office-friendly ‘do for work the next morning.

This puffed-out wig is made of synthetic hair, and its rad bright blue color will definitely make your studded jacket and combat boots pop!

• Synthetic hair on elastic-edged mesh cap
• Tousled, windblown style and color not found in nature