Now, it’s time to dress your pup up in a Star Wars dog costume to match their mystical prowess or your family star wars costume theme for Halloween. Whether you want to go the obvious route and dress your pooch up like Chewbacca, or you want to outfit them like a full-fledged Jedi Knight, we have found the perfect  Star Wars dog costume ideas to get your fur baby ready for the galaxy far, far away.

star wars dog costumes

The Child with Frog Star Wars: The Mandalorian

The future is bright with this one! This pet costume is officially licensed from The Mandalorian and comes with everything your furry friend needs to become the hit new character. It’s a step-in costume and headpiece that shows The Child holding a frog!

• 100% polyester, polyester foam
• Step in Minky fabric costume w/ sherpa collar
• Fiber-filled stuffed from is attached between the hands
• Headpiece has attached ears, embroidered details and hook and loop fastener under the chin
• Officially licensed

AT-AT Imperial Walker Dog Costume

AT-AT Imperial Walker Dog Costume

This Star Wars dog costume includes a polyfoam pet jacket with the body of a Star Wars AT-AT printed on it. On the bottom of the jacket is a Hook and Loop fastener snap that when opened will allow the jacket to wrap around your pet easily.

There are four leg pieces with two on each side that have cuffs on the bottom that would go around each one of your pet’s legs. The headpiece is also made of polyfoam with the cockpit of the AT-AT printed on it that wraps around the top and side of your pet’s head.

On the bottom of the headpiece is an elastic band with a Hook and Loop fastener snap in the middle of it so it can go around your pet’s head comfortably.

AT-AT Imperial Walker Dog Costume

Ewok Dog Costume

So maybe your little canine comrade can’t topple the Empire, but he surely can topple you. Get him this adorable Ewok outfit and he’ll feel right at home every time he barks to defend the house, or “accidentally” knocks you to the ground.

• 100% polyester fleece & faux shearling fabrics
• Dark brown fleece jumpsuit has a sleeve for each leg
• Tan faux shearling belly has Hook and Loop fastener tab fasteners
• Golden brown fleece hood has shearling ears on top, cowl collar, drawstring cord around face opening

Bantha halloween dog costume

Bantha Dog Costume

Look how completely adorable your dog (err, Bantha) will look trotting across the room to you, the Tusken Raider on back holding the reins as if guiding him across the vast desert sands of Tatooine. Just don’t try taking on that Kenobi character.

• 100% polyester brushed knit flannel fabric & fiberfill stuffing
• Jacket shaped like a saddle w/ Hook and Loop fastener straps around dog’s chest & abdomen
• Stuffed 13″ tall Tusken Raider doll attached to the back of saddle
• Brown cord “reins” go from doll’s hands to back of the hood
• Hood has hook & loop chin strap, stuffed horns on sides
• Front body strap fits 28″ to 32″; back strap fits 30″ to 34″

darth vadar star wars dog costume

Darth Vader Star Wars Dog Costume

Will there be an amazing reveal in the midst of battle, that your furry friend is actually the father of a Jedi kitty?

One thing we are sure of is that your little Bark Vader will be the feared and respected leader of the Dogalactic Empire. Help your pooch get a jump start on his conquest for control over the galaxy by grabbing him this adorable Star Wars dog costume.

• 100% polyester interlock knit & satin fabrics; polyurethane foam
• Black interlock shirt has foam Darth Vader suit armor and belt
• Black satin cape fastens to shoulders w/ Hook and Loop fastener
• Polyfoam Darth Vader dog helmet

yoda star wars dog costume

Yoda Dog Costume

Naturally, of those members of the Order, Yoda is considered the most loyal.

In this adorable Star Wars dog costume, that little doggo can finally do just that! It comes with a Yoda body piece that ties around the neck and a matching, large headpiece to emulate those iconic ears.

Better yet, it’s 100% Polyester, so this costume won’t be getting scratched off. We can all but guarantee this pet get-up will be a hit!

• 100% Polyester
• Yoda body piece ties around the neck
• Matching, large ear headpiece

princess leia dog costume

Princess Leia Dog Costume

Tear down the rule of the Galactic Empire as long as you have your very own Princess Leia leading the way! You can even dress up as any of the other heroes in Star Wars, such as Luke, Han, or Chewy when you walk around the block with your royal pup.

Just remember, if you are suddenly ambushed by a bunch of Storm Troopers it will be your duty to protect the Princess!

• 100% polyester
• White dress body piece that ties around the neck
• Princess Leia bun haircut hairpiece

the last jedi dog costume

The Last Jedi Dog Porg Costume

Observe even more curious behavior when your pooch goes the way of the porg with this The Last Jedi Porg Star Wars dog Costume.

The half coat gives your four-legged friend the look of the strange and curious aquatic, flightless, feathered birds(?) on Ahch-To.

• 100% polyester
• Elastic bands on costume feet fit around the dog’s front legs
• Hood has hook & loop fastener at back of the neck
• Officially licensed