Now if our Star Wars dog costumes didn’t grab your attention and you are looking for super sweet costume ideas for your fur baby then you can’t go past Disney costumes for dogs.

We have selected what we feel are the best available online in this particular theme below. Drop a comment below and tell us which one you love or check out our other dog costume options to suit your theme this Halloween!

disney costumes for dogs

Bo Peep Toy Story Dog Costume

This step-in Bo Peep Costume dress comes with stuffed arms and a stuffed sheep sewn to the sides and hem, respectively, of the dress. The bonnet has attached synthetic hair, too.

Best of all, it’s officially licensed, so you can worry less about the quality of Bo Peep’s dress fabric and you can worry more about keeping your sheep in line!

• 100% polyester
• Step in costume with hook and loop fastener on the back
• Stuffed arms and staff attached
• Stuffed sheep figure on the front can be detachable
• Hat has sewn-in wig with adjustable elastic cord to secure under the head
• Officially licensed

disney costumes for dogs

Winnie the Pooh Tigger Dog Costume

Now, your doggy can embrace their tippy taps with style when they wear this Winnie the Pooh Tigger Costume for dogs!

It comes with a shirt-style top that fits over your pup’s front legs. The exterior even has Tigger’s tiger stripes on the back! The bottom has an attached tiger tail to get Tigger’s signature “bouncy” look.

The hood has a pair of plush tiger ears on top and fits with a drawstring around the neck.

disney costumes for dogs

Cinderella Dog Costume

Your beloved dog can be the belle of the dog show (or maybe just the costume party) just like Cinderpuppy with this Cinderella Dog Costume. The officially licensed outfit is 100 percent polyester and fastens under your dog’s belly.

It looks just like a beautiful blue ballgown, complete with rickrack and sequin details. There’s also a beautiful black collar with a glass slipper emblem on the front, along with a blonde-styled wig that has an adjustable band for easy wear.

• 100% polyester costume
• Dress has rickrack and sequins details
• Costume has hook and loop fastener under the belly
• Collar has a shoe emblem on the front
• Wig is styled and has an adjustable elastic band to secure on the head
• Officially licensed

disney costumes for dogs

The Beast Dog Costume

The Beast dog costume is an officially licensed costume based on the iconic Disney film, Beauty and the Beast.

It comes with an outfit for your dog that’s modeled after the Beast’s outfit from the movie. It even has a furry headpiece to top off the whole look!

Your pup can show off his inner princely qualities with this adorable pet costume!

disney costumes for dogs

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Disney Costumes for Dogs

Enjoy the fun of Buzz Lightyear with your doggo, too, thanks to this officially licensed Toy Story dog costume.

This Buzz Lightyear Dog Costume is designed after the iconic character from the bright purple tunic and green armor to the extending wings.

• Polyester pet costume
• Shirt has hook and loop fastener and elastic bands to wrap around the front legs
• Wings have hook and loop fastener underbelly
• Wings light up
• Requires 4 cell batteries (demo batteries included)
• Officially licensed

disney costumes for dogs

Donald Duck Dog Costume

Make a splash at your next party when you dress your dog up in this Donald Duck Dog Costume. The officially licensed costume is 100 percent polyester and looks just like Donald’s famous outfit from the classic cartoons.

The blue sailor shirt features yellow trim and has a hook-and-loop fastener at the back of the neck. It also includes stuffed arms sewn into the shoulders. It also features Donald’s famous red bowtie.

Meanwhile, the white bottoms can slip over your dog’s front legs and even include yellow duck feet like Donald’s. Finally, there’s a jaunty blue sailor’s cap with an elastic chin strap for easy wear.

disney costumes for dogs

Goofy Dog Costume

Make sure your dog is the best dressed at the party with this Goofy Dog Costume.

The officially licensed costume is 100 percent polyester and looks just like Goofy’s iconic outfit. It includes an orange turtleneck with a built-in black vest, which has a hook-and-loop fastener at the back of the neck.

There are also attached blue pants that fit over your dog’s front legs. In addition, there’s a green stuffed hat that has an elastic chin band for easy wear and comes with its own set of floppy black ears.

disney costumes for dogs

Minnie Mouse Dog Costume

It’s all possible with costumes like this. Our Minnie Mouse Dog costume is officially licensed includes an all-polyester dress that fastens down the center front of your pup using a hook and loop. A matching red-and-white stuffed bow comes with an elastic band with an adjustable cord.

• 100% polyester costume
• Dress fastens down the center front with hook and loop
• Headpiece has an elastic band with adjustable cord
• Headpiece has an attached stuffed bow
• Officially licensed

disney costumes for dogs

Toy Story Jessie Dog Costume

This super cute Toy Story Jessie Dog costume comes with every detail your Pixar-loving heart could desire! The shirt features the classic yolk Western-style with its yellow and red detailing, and it closes at the back with velcro-type fasteners. After the shirt, it’s time to add Jessie’s signature red braid and unique red and white cowboy hat.

These come attached to each other for easier wearing, and the elastic cord under the chin is adjustable for your pet’s comfort. Right down to the yellow bow at the end of the braid, this is unmistakably a Jessie look! Your pet won’t be able to tell, but all the humans will have to smile.

disney costumes for dogs

Snow White Dog Costume

The combination of your good pup and Snow White’s charming style just makes sense. Get them outfitted in this officially licensed Snow White Dog Costume before announcing them the best pup in the land.

Designed after Disney’s Snow White, this satiny dress is made with 100% polyester that is easy to clean. A hook and loop fastener under your dog’s belly makes it easy to get them in and out of this darling costume. And with a bright red bow between their ears, your pup is sure to look, not just the goodest but the fairest of them all!

disney costumes for dogs

Aladdin Abu Dog Costume

This is an officially licensed Abu dog costume from Aladdin. Your furry friend will be extra adorable thanks to the fez cap, fuzzy head of monkey hair, and giant ears!

The costume itself allows your pet to step into the monkey feet while Abu’s arms sway from side to side as they walk. (The curly tail is a natural bonus, though your pet might take a minute to get used to the larger monkey toes.)

• 100% polyester fabric, 100% polyurethane foam
• Shirt has hook & loop fastener at back of neckband
• Vest panels sewn to the front of the shirt, stuffed arms attached at shoulders
• Hood has hook & loop fastener on chin strap
• Stuffed fez hat on top of the hood, ears sewn to sides of the hood
• Officially licensed

disney costumes for dogs

Aladdin Genie Dog Costume

It’s time to grant your wish and give your doggy some real power with this officially licensed Genie dog costume from Aladdin. This poofy coat fits around your pet’s midsection and features a long cape that mimics the Genie’s smoky tail.

The hood gives your fuzzy friend a curly beard and golden earrings to match the muscley blue look of his torso.

• 100% polyester, 100% polyurethane foam
• Costume has fiber fill for muscular look
• Hook and loop down the center front
• Headpiece has hook and loop fastener on the back to fit on the head
• Officially licensed

disney costumes for dogs

Maleficent Dog Costume

Suiting up your four-legged fairy friend in this officially licensed Maleficent Dog costume. The black and purple robe fits with a hook and loops at the front and has a foam-backed collar that gives your doggo some serious sorceress style.

The hat has an elastic band to keep its horns sticking up straight. Just remember that your little Maleficent’s puppy dog eyes maybe even more charming than usual when dressed up in this Disney pet costume!

• 100% polyester fabric, 100% polyurethane foam
• Robe has hook & loop fastener at center front
• Robe has a foam-backed stand-up collar
• Hat has an elastic chin band
• Horns on top of hat can be stuffed with tissue if desired, for shape
• Officially licensed

disney costumes for dogs

Dumbo Dog Costume

Bring your delightful Dumbo to bear with this officially licensed costume. This Dumbo Dog costume includes flared legs that are designed to look like the big feet of an elephant while the coat itself That’s not all.

From the circus shirt and hat, your pup will be ready to play. All that’s left is learning how to flap the giant ears on the hood to take off!

• 100% polyester fabric, 100% polyurethane foam
• Shirt has hook & loop fastener strips at front
• Stuffed tail sewn to back of the shirt, appliqued toenails on sleeves
• Hood has hook & loop fastener at back of the neck
• Ears have wire in edges to maintain shape
• Officially licensed

Disney costumes are great on their own, but pets in Disney costumes take the cake as we are sure you can agree from seeing these super cute Disney costumes for dogs. You could even mix and match our Disney dog costumes so your feline friends can join in the fun, too! Need ideas? Check out some of our favorite Halloween costumes for adults.