Over 20 years ago, Disney released a Halloween-centric kid-friendly “horror” movie called Hocus Pocus and quickly became a cult classic, Halloween viewing staple! Now you can dress up in one of these fabulous hocus pocus costumes for adults!

The first four costumes below are exclusive to Halloween Costumes Online Store and cannot be purchased anywhere else.

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Winifred Sanderson Costume for Women

Click a few buttons and say your favorite incantation and you can resurrect the ultimate witch for eternity thanks to this officially licensed & exclusive “StunningWinifred Sanderson Costume, inspired by Disney’s Hocus Pocus.

Available in all sizes including plus size!

Begin with a stretch velvet jacket featuring a light green empress undersleeve and a mixture of white taffeta and crinkled purple layers to create Winifred’s elegant dress! Tie the look together with a rich golden cord and top it off with a wild Winifred wig!

Command the town as Winifred or join with the rest of your Sanderson sisters in a Hocus Pocus group costume to enchant your whole season!

hocus pocus costumes

Plus Size Sarah Sanderson Costume

Come little children and adults alike because Sarah Sanderson is here for a haunting Halloween. Transform into the singing siren of the Sanderson coven with our Sarah Sanderson Costume.

This officially licensed design was summoned by our in-house design team to answer all of your Disney dreams. Available in all sizes including plus size!

Your costume begins with corset couture thanks to pink and purple taffeta, antique brass grommets, and bright lacing.

Layers of purple, gold, and pink fabric make up the Sarah Sanderson skirt and the whole ensemble is tied together with a brilliant red fringe-lace apron in the front. All you’ll need next is to perfect your singing voice to bring an enchanting and magical night to all!

hocus pocus costumes

Mary Sanderson Costume for Women

If you’re ready to be the sister who holds the whole group together, it’s time to whip up some magic in this officially licensed Mary Sanderson Costume. (available in all sizes)

The secret ingredient of this magical ensemble is layers. The skirt features maroon, houndstooth, and a lighter white layer and the apron shines thanks to its purple pockets!

Brick red, bright orange, and antique brass-colored chains create the corset and the rest of Mary’s mystique. Last, but not least, who needs a witch’s hat when you have Mary’s twisted wig to top off the look!

Gather up your Sanderson sisters for a Disney’s Hocus Pocus group costume that will make you infamous for Halloween seasons to come.

hocus pocus costumes

Billy Butcherson Costume for Men

Tell those average zombies that it is time to become a hero. Show them how when you slip into this officially licensed Billy Butcherson Costume from Disney’s Hocus Pocus.

Available in all sizes including plus size!

This exclusive design resurrects your favorite zom-Billy so you can wiggle thy toes and open thine eyes in style. The costume begins with a period-appropriate cravat with a worn appearance. The shirt and jacket also feature worn designs so you’ll look recently awoken.

The costume also includes a pair of sublimated socks, which are printed to look like bandages wrapping around your legs. The final piece to the outfit is the sunken mask, complete with Billy’s stitched mouth and this is the only male hocus pocus costumes option.

hocus pocus costumes

Hocus Pocus Women’s Classic Mary Costume

Now you can dress up as this witchy super sniffer in a Hocus Pocus Women’s Classic Mary Costume!

This easy-to-wear dress combines all the layers while still maintaining lots of witchy details. The Sandersons aren’t afraid to mix colors and patterns!

The orange blouse connects to a maroon bodice and skirt. A plaid overskirt and purple apron, all also connected, complete Mary’s eclectic look.

Hoops along the waistline and a bow at the end of the bodice’s faux lacing add to the 3D effect. Officially Licensed.

hocus pocus costumes

Hocus Pocus Women’s Classic Wini Costume

One of Bette Midler’s most iconic roles, Winifred is a sinister, cunning, and sometimes comedic witch in Disney’s 1993 film, Hocus Pocus.

Winifred dresses the most regally of the three sisters. The green and purple fabrics in this Hocus Pocus Women’s Classic Wini Costume are striking against her bright red hair.

This dress is shorter than the original, a more wearable cocktail version. Dark green makes up the outer layer, covering the arms, bodice, and part of the skirts.

The full skirt is a lighter green, while a panel of crinkly purple fabric runs down the front of the dress. On the dark green sections of the bodice, golden symbols line each side.

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Hocus Pocus Women’s Classic Sarah Costume

Whether you’re looking to flirt or just have a good time with friends, you’ll look beautifully witchy for the occasion in this Hocus Pocus Women’s Classic Sarah Costume.

There is no doubt that Sarah Sanderson is meant to be the hot sister. And as she likes to toy with people, being pretty (and having a literally enchanting voice) is a big advantage in tempting others into doing what she wants.

Show off your assets while maintaining witchy fashion in this Sarah-inspired dress! The deep purple taffeta skirt features a red front panel and gold underskirt. The bodice is a lighter purple and features sheer long sleeves.

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Silly Salem Sister Women’s Witch Costume

Are you ready to let your wild spirit free? Jump on that broomstick and sing out into the moonlit sky wearing this Silly Salem Sister Witch Costume!

This dress is fun, playful, and a little bit ragtag. You’ll love the crinkled red and gold panel in the front. The side panels are of soft purple material and are fitted with a little peplum around the hip.

The bodice is made of a satiny material with structure in the pointed waist and a cheerful floral pattern. The sleeves are purple crochet to highlight this costume’s ragtag look.

Pair this colorful dress with a curly blond wig to make your witchy look complete.

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Bossy Salem Sister Women’s Witch Costume

Not wanting to dress up as one of the Hocus Pocus sisters then you can opt for a beautiful, yet harmless, transformation by wearing a Bossy Salem Sister Costume.

The high collar, large belled sleeves, and corset-style bodice are vintage features on this dress, giving you the appearance of a 17th century Salem, Massachusetts spellcaster.

The golden brocade detail glistens in the right light, accented by two ornate beads attached to the middle. Sparkling plum trim outlines the elbows, collar, and skirt.

Fans of dark and bold colors will appreciate the royal blue, lush green, and dark plum fabric. Unlike most 17th century women’s apparel, this garment is not difficult to put on and you’ll be comfortable too.

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Goofy Salem Sister Women’s Witch Costume

This colorful enchantress might seem a little goofy but she’s got a good nose for magic.

This Goofy Salmen Sister Womens Costume is exactly the ragtag kind of garment that you’d expect a home-grown witch to wear.

It has a red velvet bodice with a bright orange blouse with sheer sleeves attached.

You’ll enjoy the layered skirt with metal loops along the waistline that would be perfect for hanging any spooky bags of potion ingredients that you might find with your spooky sense of smell.

Top it all off with the wild purple twisted wig and your witchy look will be complete!

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Hocus Pocus Costumes Capes

Now if you want to add a little extra to the classic Hocus Pocus Costumes you could easily add a matching Hocus Pocus Classic Cape! Especially handy if you are out and about on Hallows Eve and it’s a chilly evening.

Made from 100% polyester taffeta fabric, these capes are easy to clean and store well, without collecting wrinkles or dust.

Throw it over your shoulder and fasten it in place with a hook and loop tab. The elongated pointed hood frames faces of any shape in the most flattering way.

They are also officially licensed!

hocus pocus costumes

Hocus Pocus 13″ Medium Plushie – Mary, Sarah & Winifred

While we were finding the best Hocus Pocus costumes we came across these super cute Hocus Pocus Plushies and we just had to include them!!

All three are available from Halloween Costumes Online Store which is super handy, so you can easily grab one or all three while buying your hocus pocus costumes!

You could add them to your Halloween theme of witches, Hocus Pocus, Salem, or grab them for Christmas gifts as something different!