We have found what we believe are the best thanksgiving turkey costumes you will find online. Suited for adults, kids, and babies with a few funny ones thrown in for good measure! If you are looking for Pilgrim costumes we have found a selection of those also.

Thanksgiving Turkey Costumes

Adult Wild Turkey Costume

You’ll have a gobblin’ good time in this Adult Wild Turkey Costume. An exclusive disguise, the jumpsuit has a full front zipper. The sleeves are shaped like wings, and the shoe covers look like turkey feet.

The costume is completed by a hood featuring a funny turkey face, complete with beak and wattle.

• Foam tail attaches to back of the suit with metal snaps and hook & loop fastener
• Jumpsuit sleeves are flared & shaped like wings
• Hood has inner hood for positioning, can be stuffed with tissue for shape if desired
• Hood has hook & loop fastener strip at the back of the neck
• Soft-sculpted turkey face plus appliqued eyes on top of hood

Thanksgiving Turkey Costumes

Adult Fleece Turkey Costume

Are you going to shock your family when you show up dressed in this Adult Fleece Turkey Costume? They will be asking if you have lost your mind. Dressing up as the thing you are about to eat!

Let’s face it it’s been a tough couple of years so why not bring some fun and laughter to your family’s thanksgiving get-together. The kids will love it and be in fits of giggles!

• Bodysuit ties together at the back of the neck
• Wrists & ankles have elastic sewn in them
• Two clear straps go around the shoulder to keep feathers upright
• Plush turkey face and beak with a red collar on the headpiece
• Also included, two yellow turkey feet shoe covers

Thanksgiving Turkey Costumes

Kids Hand Turkey Costume

The hand turkey is a craft of excitement and anticipation. Maybe that’s why we like it so much!

Just slip the colorful Kids Hand Turkey Costume tunic over your child’s head, one arm goes through the hole, the other makes the head of the turkey.

Whether wearing it for a school play, parade, or your kiddo is showing off their Thanksgiving enthusiasm this costume is sure to cause some smiles. After all, who doesn’t love a hand turkey?

• Tunic is foam backed fabric with printed design on “fingers”
• Wing is attached to front
• Turkey “head” has hole in back so you can still use both of your hands
• Available in adult sizes as well!

Thanksgiving Turkey Costumes

Toddler Turkey Costume

Let’s talk turkey, you little toddlers! What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than by dressing your little one in an adorable Toddler Turkey Costume? Just look at that butterball!

And if you’re worried this costume is only seasonal, fear not, because, for every holiday, your kid is going to love putting on his turkey costume. The Easter Turkey! Turkey Christmas! The Turkey of July! Our point is, let your turkeys fly, parents

• 100% polyester
• Super soft brown faux fur tunic with Hook and Loop fastener in back for fitting
• Large cloth feathers stick out in back
• Matching turkey headpiece with yellow beak
• Faux fur orange shoe covers

Thanksgiving Turkey Costumes

Thanksgiving Turkey Costumes With Sparkle!

Pay tribute to one of nature’s great underdogs (or is that underbirds?) with this winningly goofy Thanksgiving Turkey Costume featuring a long, red neck with turkey-face headpiece and red turkey-foot shoe covers.

The whole costume has a sparkly brown and gold body with orange accents on the wings and tail.

Now, we’ll acknowledge that turkeys generally do not sparkle in real life, but we can give them that much, can’t we?

Sparkles always add flair to any thanksgiving turkey costumes for dads! Just make sure he knows that!

Thanksgiving Turkey Costumes

Adult Deluxe Turkey Costume

Gobble Gobble! Bird’s the word!

So if you’re as excited to get into the Thanksgiving spirit as we are, then this Adult Deluxe Turkey Costume is the perfect costume for you!

Made of 100% polyester, this turkey costume features a headpiece with a Hook and Loop fastener enclosure on the back, foot covers that also have elastic bands.

Hook and Loop fastener enclosures on the back, and a tail with elastic bands that go over shoulders and hold the tail upward!

The costume also sports wings that also have elastic bands that go over the wrists. Add some gloves and tights for those turkey legs, and boom – put a fork in it, because you’re done!

Kids Thanksgiving Turkey Costumes

Kids Thanksgiving Turkey Costumes

Make your little one’s face light up when you show off this amazing Kid’s Turkey Costume!

Your little one’s feathery transformation will be quick and easy. Once he jumps into the colorful jumpsuit all that needs to be done is securely attach the turkey headpiece and pop the yellow foam shoe covers on.

This Kids Turkey Costume will be a perfect reminder during Halloween to be thankful and will certainly make any Thanksgiving celebration stuffed with even more fun!

• Attached red wings to the bottom of sleeves
• Back piece of feathers measures 25 1/2” by 25”

Kids Thanksgiving Turkey Costumes

Crafty Turkey Toddler Costume

This Toddler Crafty Turkey Costume is inspired by those beloved paper turkeys from childhood, this charming costume earns an A+ in art class!

Super-soft velour fabric forms the bubble-shaped tunic and attached hood made to look like a turkey face. True to the inspiration, three colors of felt compose the turkey’s fantail to create a crafty, construction paper look.

Shoe covers designed to look like turkey feet complete the costume. And getting in and out of this exclusive costume is made easy with a zipper closure on the back of the tunic and hook & loop fastener strips that allow the turkey tail to be detachable.

Kids Thanksgiving Turkey Costumes

Lil’ Gobbler Costume for Infants

Dress up your little one as a babbling turkey in this Infant Lil’ Gobbler Costume.

This festive jumpsuit creates the most adorable turkey silhouette! The top of the jumpsuit is brown, with scalloped orange fabric on the chest and sleeves. The bottom half is orange, to form the turkey legs and claws with matching booties.

If your little one is able to walk around, don’t worry! These booties have anti-skid material on the bottoms. The suit zips up the back easily, while metal clasps at the bottom of the torso make diaper changes a breeze.

Meanwhile, the hood has all the turkey head details you need: an orange beak and a red comb and wattle. The fanned-out tail snaps to the back of the suit.

Kids Thanksgiving Turkey Costumes

Adult Deluxe Plush Turkey Mascot Costume

This Adult Deluxe Plush Turkey Mascot Costume is sure to bring laughter and smiles wherever you go!

This costume comes with everything you need to turn into a massive, human-sized turkey. The body is dark brown and furry instead of feathery, as that is much easier to maintain.

The turkey face is part of a pullover mask. You will be able to see, but not very well, so make sure to strut in a well-lit area! The foot covers are yellow and look just like turkey claws.

Cover those last bits of exposed human skin with red leg covers and gloves, and ta-da! Tom or Tammie the turkey is ready for action.

Kids Thanksgiving Turkey Costumes

Mascot Thanksgiving Turkey Costumes

When you show up to Thanksgiving this year give Auntie May something to dish about when you show up wearing a full mascot costume but just tell her there were no other thanksgiving turkey costumes left!

This Mascot Thanksgiving Turkey Costume is super soft and is easy to move around in, with plenty of room for the arms and legs. So your birdie antics are free to soar to the highest level. Not that flying has ever been the turkey’s greatest talent.

• Interior lined with smooth, breathable material
• Hanging sleeves form wings and are sewn shut at the ends
• Padded rear so colorful feathers stand up in the back
• Three toed yellow shoe covers open on the bottom
• Side zipper and button on the neck secure the jumpsuit
• Turkey head has mesh over eyes so you can easily see out

Whether you’re using Thanksgiving or Halloween season as a way to pump people up for your favorite autumnal holiday or you’re delighting your family and friends at a Thanksgiving celebration, our favorite thanksgiving turkey costumes we have listed are certainly something to gobble about!