When you’re looking for a captivating costume, you can’t go wrong with a mermaid costume! You will stun in any of the mermaid costumes for adults we have found. There’s something for everyone in our selection of mermaid Halloween costumes, from mermaid tail skirts to wigs and golden accessories, you’ll find everything you need for an excellent Halloween!

mermaid womens costume

Undersea Mermaid Women’s Costume

This exclusive Mermaid Costume is really making a splash in the ocean deep! Only available from Halloween Costumes.

The green fitted skirt gives you the appearance of having fins, but is designed with human legs in mind! It also includes a tank top that’s fit for a beach party, and a starfish hair clip that would look lovely in a bright red mermaid wig!

• 100% polyester stretch knit fabric
• Tank top has ruffled neckline, length-adjustable spaghetti shoulder straps
• Skirt has back zipper; fitted over hips & thighs, gathered circle from knees down
• 3″ diameter starfish mounted on metal alligator clip
• Wig, boa and bag each sold separately

mermaid costume for men

Men’s Poseidon Costume

Being the ruler of the oceans and seas seems like a pretty decent gig and all Mermaids need a king!

This adult Poseidon costume turns you into the one and only master of the seas. It comes with plenty of details that solidify your look as a Greek god.

The top has large, shimmering sequins that give the look of real golden scales. The bottoms are a pair of flowing pants that feature the blue-green colors of the sea. The cuffs and belt are made of metallic gold foam to give you a truly regal appearance.

Combine it all together and no one will question your seat on the throne at the bottom of the ocean. Just make sure you pick up one of our trident accessories to put the finishing touch on your transformation into Poseidon!

plus size mermaid costume

Plus Size Women’s Alluring Sea Siren Mermaid Costume

This Plus Size Mermaid Costume is sure to be a showstopper. The tail is a deep, iridescent green with printed scales on the pencil skirt section.

The fin has a shiny surface and quilted lines giving it a fishy look. The skirt is high-waisted and topped with a pearl bodice and a sculpted shell neckline. The belt is light pink and has a gold shell buckle with gold beads hanging around the hips gracefully.

These beads are repeated along with the straps and draped around the shoulders. In an outfit like this, you’re ready for your undersea debut!

delux mermaid costume

Elite Mermaid Costume

Everyone knows the story of Ariel, probably the most famous mermaid of all time.

Embrace your taste for the undersea lifestyle in this Elite Mermaid Costume, featuring a pink halter top with a back zipper and foam seashells at the bust.

The green sequin skirt tails off into elegant green mesh fins, with a sequin starfish headpiece as the crowning touch.

Some mermaids may dream about being part of our world, but this ensemble makes a clear statement that you’re rather fond of your own. You could add a long wavy blonde wig to complete the mermaid costume look.

black and silver skeleton mermaid costume

Women’s Glamour Skeleton Mermaid Costume

If you’re looking for a dark twist on a classic mermaid costume then you really need this Glamour Skeleton Mermaid Costume as it is stunning! Not all Mermaids need to be pretty pastel colors.

The black gown has a sheer illusion neckline that’s attached to a fish scale pattern with a color scheme that’s both sparkly and iridescent.

It has a fishy skeleton that’s printed on the front and it flares into a black fishbone print tail. Slip the long fish print fingerless gloves on and you’ll be delighted with your dark and glamorous look!

Add a long black wavy wig and black baby doll heels and vamp up the black makeup!

fantasy mermaid costumes

Women’s Fantasy Mermaid Costume

This Fantasy Mermaid Costume will transform you into a finned fashionista!

With a purple halter crop top that has a foam-backed velour, the bra top fastens with hooks & eyes at back and ties behind the neck with halter straps. A sequined medallion sits at the front.

The gorgeous shiny metallic stretch-knit pants have an all-over fish-scale print and the pants have flared, layered organdy ruffles below knees to resemble tail fin. High-waist stretchy pants, you’ll be voted best dressed at any party that you attend.

A sequined hair ornament is mounted on a plastic comb is included with the costume, just add a long blonde wig to set the costume off.

mermaid costume for men

Salty Mermaid Costume for Men

Even men can dress up as a mermaid now in this pretty cool Mermaid Costume For Men!

Transform into the mighty merfolk that you were meant for with this Salty Merman costume. This particular costume has been exclusively designed by the team at Halloween Costumes and is set to shine a little light on the merman in the ocean, too!

The costume features a shimmering green tail skirt that has a vertical aqua, blue, and purple shades tail fin in the back. Your top is a wide fishnet shirt, that can be adjusted to suit where your arms go through.

Finish off your look with a green seaweed boa and golden trident then swim your way to Halloween fun.

pastal blue seashell mermaid costume

Seashell Mermaid Costume

We just love this stunning Seashell Mermaid Costume in pastel blue colors!

The blue polyester corset comes with turquoise lacing on the side. Seashells & starfish patches are attached to the shoulder straps and two shimmering white seashells decorate the bust.

Green mesh dangles from the corset & looks like seaweed.

The skirt features layers of shiny white, blue, & green tulle and fans out at the bottom. Add a long black wig and attach the seashell hairpiece that comes with the costume.

sexy mermaid costume

Blushing Beauty Mermaid Costume

Looking for a sexy Mermaid Costume, this one is it as screams out for the seas.

It has a gorgeous cut with a pearly halter top, a high-waisted fitted skirt that flares into a mermaid tail.

The top secures in the back and has structured cups with a sweetheart neckline that’s trimmed with flowers, a starfish, and pearls draping under the shells and a sparkly starfish.

Large shining scales add iridescent shimmer. The purple shimmery skirt has a scale pattern and has layers of pearls at the waist.

The fin is structured with plenty of volume and has sparkly tulle underneath to make your entrance extra glamorous.

sexy mermaid costume

Deluxe Disney Little Mermaid Ariel Women’s Costume

After you saw The Little Mermaid as a kid where you were always waiting for your fins to start growing as you splashed around in the pool on hot days?

Now you can bring dreams to reality with this Deluxe Disney Little Mermaid Costume, which we might add is an officially licensed costume!

• Dress has hook & loop fastener at center back, halter straps tie at the back of the neck
• Constructed foam bust, mesh bodice
• Skirt is fitted above knees with a shiny metallic finish
• Below knees skirt flares out with multiple layers of tulle & organza

mermaid costume men

Men’s Mermaid Mafia Costume

If you can’t beat the mermaids (which you definitely can’t) then join them (or at least pretend to), by wearing a men’s Mermaid Mafia costume.

The scaly pants feature a strategically placed seashell, the muscle tank turns you into a rowdy-looking Poseidon doppelganger, and the curly white beard completes your transformation into a sage sea siren.

Wear this costume the next time you’re coastal to make sure you don’t become the newest casualty of the Mermaid Mafia!

Don’t forget to add your Trident prop to give a polished look to your mermaid costume for men!

mermaid costume

Women’s Rebel Mermaid Costume

As a Mermaid Rebel, you don’t have to stay cooped up in your secret hideaway, singing songs about escaping from the sea. Instead, you get to use your outside-the-box thinking and style sense to rule the ocean.

This women’s Rebel Mermaid costume comes from Leg Avenue, one of the top brands in women’s costumes. It has a powerful and sexy style that will truly make you feel like a commanding force of the seas.

The pants portion of the catsuit is form-fitting with metallic scale print, and the top has a faux corset with purple sequin trim.

Just make sure to grab your trident and you’ll be ready to command the water to your will in no time.

mermaid costume

Women’s Siren of the Sea Costume

A siren is a creature very similar to a mermaid. One key difference between the two is that while mermaids tend to be helpful towards humans, sirens enjoy luring sailors to their demise.

With this Siren of the Sea Costume, you will be the aquatic version of a creature from Greek mythology.

This costume comes with a glamorous corset and a V-shaped skirt with a lovely fin to cover your feet.

• Gold corset top with sequins all-over, side zipper enclosure
• Corset has lace-up back, a small amount of size adjustment available with lacing
• Mermaid tail skirt has a blue sequined base with green fabric scale overlay
• Shiny green polyfoam mermaid tail attached to the bottom of the dress
• Skirt waist is V-shaped with the higher point at hips, zipper closure on back