Just because we’ve left Hogwarts and grown-up, doesn’t mean the magic has to end. With our selection of Harry Potter costumes for adults, you’ll find something that brings you right back to the Wizarding World! Become any of your favorite characters or create your own Harry Potter costumes adult character. Choose anything from a vintage Hogwarts robe to a sexy Harry Potter costume to make your own magic this Halloween!

harry potter costumes

Deluxe Harry Potter Costumes for Adults

Swipe your wand and call on your Patronus because it is time to transform into the most famous wizard out there with this officially licensed Deluxe Harry Potter costume.

This Made by Us design from Halloween Costumes comes to you from our in-house team and includes a hooded Gryffindor robe that fastens with a button and is embroidered with the Gryffindor crest. You can imagine that you’re returning to Hogwarts for a class reunion, comfy in your V-neck sweater and faux silk tie.

• V-neck soft knit sweater has embroidered Gryffindor crest on the chest
• Dickey has a hook and loop fastener on the back of the neck
• Faux silk tie has hook and loop fastener on the back
• Scarf, wand, pants, and glasses sold separately
• Exclusive, officially licensed

harry potter costumes

Harry Potter Deluxe Ravenclaw Robe Costume for Adults

This Ravenclaw Robe is inspired by the ones seen in the Harry Potter movies! The simple robe is a unisex style and offers both function and comfort.

It’s made out of a soft, velour material and fits loosely over your clothes. It has a button and loop-style clasp in front, so you change into it in a matter of seconds. The interior is lined with blue satin to showcase the Ravenclaw House colors and, of course, it comes with a hood, because all good wizard robes have a hood!

Finally, the chest has an embroidered Ravenclaw patch to complete the look.

harry potter costumes

Deluxe Harry Potter Hermione Costume

Hermione Granger costume is an officially licensed costume from the Harry Potter films. The costume starts with a long, black robe that has a satin, burgundy interior.

The front of the robe has a Gryffindor crest on the chest and the back features an attached, oversized hood. The neck closes with a button and loop fastener.

The cardigan-style sweater fits underneath the robe and features a button-up front and a Gryffindor crest, along with burgundy stripes along the waist and wrists.

The shirt front and skirt help complete the school uniform and the burgundy and gold necktie adds a pop of Hogwarts House colors to the whole outfit.

harry potter costumes

Deluxe Harry Potter Hermione Costume

This high-quality Hufflepuff robe will make this one of your favorite costumes for years to come, officially licensed!

The long robe is trimmed with high-gloss gold satin material. The velvet-textured black of the robe is decorated with the Hufflepuff crest patch on the chest and a charming loop and button closure at the neck.

The hood drapes over your back making your costume pop from every angle. The wide sleeves add panache to your spell-casting so that you’ll get into character as soon as you slide this robe on.

Are you ready to finally get sorted into your Hogwarts house? This gold and black robe can be paired with a variety of Hufflepuff accessories to make the magic come alive!

harry potter costumes

Men’s Harry Potter Hagrid Deluxe Costume

This is an officially licensed Deluxe Hagrid costume from Harry Potter.

The costume includes a dark red knit shirt has buttons at the center front and at sleeve cuffs and a standing collar. Vest panels are sewn into the sides of the faux suede jacket which has functional pockets and antique-brass-tone buttons at center front (Just what you’d expect of a classy hermit-like Hagrid!)

Faux leather belt sewn into side seams of the jacket has a plastic buckle.

To complete your look, you’ll want to pick up the wig and beard kit that comes separately and grab the Harry Potter lantern that lights up with batteries.

harry potter costumes

Harry Potter Deluxe Slytherin Robe Costume

While so many Harry Potter fans flock to Gryffindor, rocking the Slytherin robes is a lot of fun!

The long velvet-textured robe is trimmed with soft green satin fabric. A Slytherin shield decorates the chest, making your house preferences stand out. The robe has an oversized hood, letting you slip into the sneaky mode with ease.

• 100% polyester velour fabric
• Button and loop closure at neck
• Hood & lapels are lined w/ green satin
• Embroidered Slytherin crest patch on the left breast
• Officially licensed

harry potter costumes

Harry Potter Dumbledore Deluxe Costume

Officially licensed Deluxe Albus Dumbledore costume is in the form of a grand tunic and a matching jacket and hat. Each piece has silver trim made of cord and the hat features a foam back to maintain its shape as well as a dangling tassel for those extra moments of wizardry.

• 100% polyester jersey knit & poplin fabrics
• Jersey knit tunic has a front placket with silver buttons & cord loops
• Collar, sleeve cuffs, & placket are trimmed with silver braid
• Poplin jacket has a jersey shawl collar, single frog closure at front waist
• Collar, front edges, & sleeve duffs are trimmed with couched cord
• Foam-backed hat has couched cord trim, dangling tassel anchored by button on top
• Officially licensed, exclusive

harry potter costumes

Mens Dark Sorcerer Costume

The allure of dark magic is pretty strong. See if you can resist its pull with this Dark Sorcerer Costume, or maybe you’ll decide to fully embrace it, instead.

Dark wizards get to wear much cooler robes than the lame-looking rags good little wizards wear.

The flowing, hooded robe included with this costume is made of luxurious grey velvet, and the fashionable silver trim gives it a mystical quality. It also comes with a matching medallion, to help you channel your sinister powers.

• Robe zips in back & hood has Hook and Loop fastener closure
• Waist sash ties
• Faux jeweled bat medallion necklace

harry potter costumes

Harry Potter Adult Deluxe Professor McGonagall Costume

This fully-licensed Professor McGonagall costume from Harry Potter captures Minerva’s dignified style.

The one-piece gown shows Minerva’s distinct green velvet robe with printed tone-on-tone swirls over the standard black dress. This costume is topped off with a brooch that is painted to look like enameled metal, set with faceted faux gems. A cone-shaped hat has a foam-backed brim with a checkered-print satin inner band and feathers.

Top this costume off with thin wire glasses and a stern yet amused expression to make yourself look right at home in Hogwarts!

harry potter costumes

Deluxe Fleur Delacour Costume for Women

Fleur is so lovely, so smart, and—as proved in the Battle of Hogwarts—so brave, that anyone would be lucky to walk in her shoes. Now, you can, thanks to this exclusive Women’s Deluxe Fleur Delacour Costume!

The design team at Halloween Costumes may have gotten a smidge of magical help from the wizarding world to get this costume just right — but just right it is!

It mimics Fleur’s Beauxbatons uniform, with a periwinkle blue satin dress and coordinated cape, as well as Fleur’s signature hat. Dark blue accents and decorative buttons help this costume look impeccable.

Pair it with blue wingtips or other lace-ups and the wand that chose you!

harry potter costumes

Harry Potter Adult Voldemort Deluxe Costume

This Lord Voldemort Costume is officially licensed from the Harry Potter movies.

It comes with everything you need to transform into the character (minus all of the crazy magic powers). It starts with a black robe that’s modeled to look like the one worn by Voldemort.

The simple design allows it to fit a variety of body types comfortably. It also comes with a molded mask, which has Voldemort’s ghastly features. Once you have the ensemble on, you’ll be ready to craft a devious plan to overthrow the entire wizard community!

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