We here are happy to send in the clowns! Are you looking for clown costumes that would look right at home under the big top? Check out this wide variety of styles we have found that look amazing!

Clowns with bright-colored costumes, are happy but be warned we have added some freaky clown costumes for those that love that scary edge for Halloween!

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Big Top Belle Clown Costume

We just adore this Big Top Belle Clown Costume new out this year and a fantastic choice if you want something different.

It’s a brightly colored polyester dress in all colors of the rainbow. There are yellow off-the-shoulder sleeves, different layers to the skirts (both stripes and polka dots in orange, blue and green), and a hoop skirt to give the dress volume.

There’s rainbow trim, gold sequin bands, a polka-dot collar, and even a red bowed headband to top it off.

This outfit is both bright and cheery, but adorable, which we think is a win-win especially teamed with a lavender wig and bright red shiny high-heeled shoes.

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Plus Size Big Top Clown Costume

This Big Top Clown Costume is a timeless colorful classic!

This costume features circus-like red and yellow elastic striped pants with patches and a block color blue and yellow patched at the knees.

The yellow and blue long-sleeved shirt with a ruffled red collar also features bright colored patches and red fluffy pom poms down the center.

All you need to add is a rainbow-colored clown wig, clown make-up kit, a pair of white gloves and bright orange or red clunker clown shoes and you are set to go!

You can order the extras at checkout from Halloween Costumes. We just love how they have that set up for ease of access and time-saving!!

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Tickles the Clown Costumes

Silly behavior means you’re a clown at heart at the very least, and the only way for you to ever be happy is to put on a wacky Tickles The Clown Costume like this—ideally, paired with a set of big floppy shoes, but white high heeled shoes with added flowers would look super cute!

They would match the pink satin polka dot dress, the matching hair scrunchies, and the oversized hoop skirt.

This costume also includes white satin pantaloons with an elastic waist. Just add a pair of pink tights, white gloves and a wacky blonde wig and add the hair color of pastel green!

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Adult Rodeo Clown Costume

If you want to be the life of the Halloween party, or you’re trying out to be the comic relief for an actual rodeo, do it in the Adult Rodeo Clown Costume.

Includes a red tattered shirt; giant barrel-sized pants and rainbow suspenders; shoe coverings that look like big, over-the-top cowboy boots; three bandanas; and, of course, a goofy cowboy hat with a flower sticking out of it.

As awesome as all of this is, we should probably let you know that if you go out dressed up in this costume, you’ll have a big target on your butt. Literally. As you can see from the picture, the seat of the pants has a giant bull’s eye painted on it. Because antagonizing angry bovine is just part of the job.

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Giggles the Clown Costume

Why not show up to work on Halloween in this Giggles the Clown Costume leading up to Halloween to bring some fun and laughter to your workmates!

Everyone loves a clown; or…at least those who aren’t afraid of them do.

The only extras you will need are a pair of green tights or stockings and a bright orange wig!

• Yellow short sleeve dress with rainbow polka dots
• Red & blue pom poms are attached to the middle of the dress
• Hoop skirts with bloomers underneath
• Elastic matching shoe covers

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Tutu Lulu the Clown Costume

Have you been looking for sexy clown costumes as we honestly believe we have found the ideal one in this Tutu Lulu the Clown Costume for women! Simply stunning isn’t it!

With plenty of bright and eye-catching colors you are sure to brighten up any dreary ole’ costume party as soon as you walk through the door, no tricks required!

Add a crazy and colorful wig to this costume to get the full look or even go the extra mile and grab some temporary hair dye!

• Purple polyester bodysuit
• Pink belt with colorful dots fastens around waist & shoulder straps button into place
• Elastic band colorful tulle tutu
• Polka dot bowtie on elastic strap fits around the neck

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Dotted Clown Costume

This Halloween it’s time for you to make them laugh! What will help out with that? Why your very own clown costume. Slip this red and white Dotted Clown Costume number on and you’ll be sure to get some giggles.

But what would make this costume really pop? When you add some of our great clown accessories like makeup, colorful wig, and big clown shoes.

• Polka-dotted jumpsuit fastens with Hook and Loop fastener at center back
• Elastic at wrists & ankles
• Ruffled collar, a row of pompoms at center front
• Cone-shaped hat has pompom at tip

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Evil Fast Food Clown Men’s Costume

Who does this clown costume remind you of we wonder? Hint: “Would you like fries with that”?

Serve up thrills and chills in your Men’s Evil Fast Food Clown Costume! From a distance, your victims – um, we mean customers – may assume from your red-and-white striped sleeves and yellow vest and pants combo that you are just a cheerful mascot come to drum up excitement about chicken strip combos.

The skull emblem printed on your vest soon proves them wrong! Your outfit comes printed with dirt and stains because this isn’t your average diner – terrible things happen behind the scenes!

No one escapes the horror of a creepy clown peddling nuggets and nightmares!

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Naughty Harlequin Clown Costume

Most court jesters dress up in baggy outfits and floppy, bell-covered hats. But as long as they put on a good show, a clown can dress however they please! This Naughty Harlequin Clown Costume lets you show off your sexy and silly side at your next big costume party!

We don’t think you’ll run into any trouble from patrons and partygoers when you’re in this fun and flirty harlequin style red, black and white dress! Just slip on the frilly, overall-style skirt, and the matching included jester hat and white ruffled neckpiece, and you’ll be sure to win over any crowd.

Add some striped or harlequin pattern stockings and heels to complete this slinky ensemble, and show everyone how a sexy clown likes to party!

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Women’s Deviant Darling Costume

With the iconic colors and designs of a court jester, this Deviant Darling Costume is sure to stand out among the rest.

The sleek bodysuit has a zipper in the back for easy on and off, a choker-style neckpiece gives it an extra devilish flourish. The garter straps easily connect to the bodysuit as well. The included arm cuffs have a strap that goes around your finger.

The belt wraps around the waist through the loops on the bodysuit. To top it all off, the headpiece secures with a headband and looks just like a court jester, but smaller for more wearability.

And let’s be real, smaller just looks better when it comes to jester hats with hot sexy clown costumes!

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Men’s Vintage Pierrot Clown Costume

Making his first appearance in the 1600s Pierrot could possibly be the most popular clown of all time, even Krusty the clown would have a hard time competing with his career.

The baggy outfits of clown costumes today come from Pierrot’s often disheveled appearance, though our Pierrot seems to be more put together than usual.

The Vintage Pierrot Clown Costume has a lightly layered ruff at the neck as well as gathered ruffle detail at the wrists and ankles. The knit hood gives you a streamlined look, ready for the time-honored painted white face of the character.

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Killer Clown Costumes for Adults

And the scary clown costumes keep coming! Hold on worse below but in the meantime what do you think of this Killer Clown Costume?

Wear your white and black, half polka dot, half-striped polyester satin jumpsuit and show your deserving victims your horrific and injured face, a wide black and insidious smile and the bleeding red scar on your skull, all framed by the black ruffle at your neck.

Full-head molded latex mask has attached hat, thin strands of synthetic hair.

Gone are your days of brilliant color and happy smiles. Now are the nights of screams!

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Men’s Nightmare Clown Costume

This Nightmare Clown Costume could not possibly be any more frightening.

What makes this costume so terrifying? Well, first of all, the shirt and matching pants might have a cheerful red and white striped pattern, but the ragged scuff marks add a sense of murderous intent to the outfit.

The collar is pitch black, like the cold, icy hand of death, kind of black. But neither of those things are the reason why this costume is the scariest clown costume we’ve ever seen. No, that honor goes to the mask!

It has the classic white face of a clown, but the smeared lipstick around the mouth looks like the work of a maniac. And the dripping black paint around the eyes? That’s something that you’d never want to encounter at a circus.

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Adult Inflatable Evil Clown Costume

We have an answer on how to make clowns scarier: fill them with air!

Yes, this Giant Inflatable Evil Clown Costume will balloon your body in bizarre, unnatural directions, turning your typical evil clown from something somewhat scary to something downright mentally scarring!

Before you put this thing on, you’ll want to remove all mirrors from your house, lest you catch a glimpse of your visage and scare yourself to death.

• Jumpsuit has a zipper in back; the battery-operated fan on the back left side
• Foam mask w/ elastic band & Hook and Loop fastener closure
• Batteries not included (requires 4 AA batteries)

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Deluxe IT Pennywise Adult Costume

So if you are going to a costume party (or the annoying neighbor kid’s birthday party) and you really want to make a lasting impression, this Deluxe Pennywise Costume is going to help you pull it off!

Modeled after the classic killer clown from Stephen King’s “It”, this one-piece clown costume has all the hallmarks of a silly, fun-loving clown, like bright colors and fluffy pom-poms. But then the included creepy clown mask will have your friends’ skin crawling faster than you can say “You’ll float, too!”

• One piece jumpsuit zips up back
• Elastic in wrist and ankles, pompoms on chest
• Glitter vest
• Collar ties around neck
• Latex mask covers the front of the face and attached synthetic hair hangs down back
• Mask secures with elastic band

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Adult The Clown Costume Morphsuit

Are you ready to give your friends nightmares this Halloween?

This Adult The Clown Morphsuit will do it in spades! Everyone remembers the lovable clowns that made them laugh with their circus antics. Now you can make them forget those fond memories and be a horrifying monstrosity that makes everyone scream!

An officially licensed Morphsuit is perfect for a quick and easy Halloween costume. There’s no need for any extra accessories like shoes, wigs, or makeup with this haunting bodysuit that is just outstanding in its colors!!

However, we do strongly suggest grabbing a scary mask like the Coulrophobia Clown Mask or similar to really gain a scary look!

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Giggles the Clown Creature Reacher Costume

Prefer Deluxe high-end clown costumes? This one covers all the bases!

If your goal is to create a lifelong fear of clowns in anyone who sees you, this is the costume you’ve been waiting for, The Giggles The Clown Creature Reacher Costume.

It features a long tattered-looking shirt with bells attached, long monster arms with a handle for creepy movement, and an oversized clown mask.

• Long, multi-colored shirt with attached bells
• Scary monster arms with handles on the inside
• (These are not gloves)
• Large scary clown mask

You can also purchase it using Sezzle as you can with all of the clown costumes and others on our website we have showcased for you.