Whether you’re looking for sexy Halloween costumes for hallows eve or maybe your searching for a little tiny outfit to spice up your next themed party we have our top picks which we are sure you will agree with us are very hot!

From traditional Tinkerbell styles to sexy pirates our selection of sexy Halloween costumes is sure to have something for the girl and guy who wants to get lost in a world of fantasy!

Story Book & Fairy Tale

sexy halloween costumes
pretty lady sexy womens costume
This Halloween, you can strut down the street with pride on the way to your BFF’s big Halloween party, knowing you are totally rocking this Women’s Gorgeous Girl Costume.
sexy Plus Size Harvest Witch Costume

This look is totally bewitching in and of itself—never mind all your powerful energy. It’s a bold orange-and-black sparkly dress with details such as a spiderweb overlay, candy corn printed panels, shiny patent flared skirt, and bustier-inspired bodice

pretty lady sexy womens costume

Sexy Poisonous Villain Costume for Women. The shiny green bodysuit has a V-neckline and cold-shoulder cutouts. Its long sleeves have finger loops that can be secured over your middle fingers. The bust area is decorated with yellow-green fabric leaves.

Are you ready for just a little bit of magical whimsy? Then we believe sexy fairy costumes is the way to go.  There are tons of always-popular costume styles for fairies and sprites. Choose one of these sexy Halloween costumes, and you’ll be writing your own fairytale this Halloween!

Sexy Halloween Costumes from the 70s

Premium Disco player. Sexy, suave, sophisticated. Capable of any dance move out on the floor.

Does that sound like you? Nope, of course it doesn’t! Because you’ve never taken the time to get a super premium disco outfit. It takes time to work your way up the dance floor rankings, and starting out with an average discotheque suit is only going to take you so far. Many of these 70s sexy Halloween costumes have five star ratings!

Sexy Animal Costumes

sexy animal costumes

Who would have thought an animal costume could be sexy? We did! From a sexy butterfly to a bee and unicorn we have you covered.

You could even dress your man up in the gold lion costume complete with full mane! Change up your Halloween theme this year and dress as an animal to turn heads and show you love animals!

Everyone Loves A Sexy Pirate!

sexy priate costumes

Wearing a pirate costume means that you’re fun, adventurous, and looking to explore the world while you’re out with your rough-and-tumble crew.

So if you want to add some sass and sex appeal to your next pirate Halloween or theme party, then look no further than this collection of sexy pirate costumes!

We found these traditional pirate costumes have a very sexy twist and are sure to get heads turning. From sexy Playboy pirate costumes to our plus-size sexy pirate costumes, there is a style and size for everyone looking to add a little spice to their pirate party.

TV & Movie Stars

For those who love to dress up as a favorite tv or movie star now you can add some spice with a costume from this range. Imagine your guy dressed up a hot blooded spartan or taking the fun angle adding a little “Yabba dabba do” and going as a sexy Fred Flintsone!

Let’s not forget Grease the movie or living shadows of trees and bushes, beckoning him in closer a flash of your eyes wearing the Leathal beauty costume!

If your sexy Halloween costume doesn’t have the detail, fun, and awesomeness that these sexy Halloween costumes have then you best head to Halloween Costumes online store!

Our favorite sexy Halloween costumes above for men and women will show off your figure while making you feel like a full-blown supermodel. Now, these costumes are a little bit more revealing than your typical wardrobe, but your outfit will be incorporating some of the latest style trends (and who doesn’t like to be stylish and confident?).

Just be sure to fluff your hair one final time, check your party food is done and get out there and show off that gorgeous Halloween costume amongst your special guests.