Partner up with your loved one or mate this Halloween wearing one of our scary Halloween costumes for couples. Below you will find our top picks!

The Voodo Couple!

scary halloween costumes for couples

The Voodo couple is sure to make a statement this Halloween! Awesome detailed costumes for a couple with that gory scare theme.

With a stylish detailed suit coat with truly macabre details that only a true voodoo practitioner would show off,  your man will have no issue in showing he is truly the master of the dark!

The Jacket has vest panels sewn into the side. The vest fastens with silver-tone filigree buttons and has a double-breasted look. The graphics on the jacket are print with sew-on monkey hands that’s hanging from the cord. Love the molded skull mask which covers the upper half of his face.

The Voodo gal looks so sweet and innocent but is far from it! The Voodoo Women’s costume comes complete with a tan dress that has sprayed on black paint details. Love the printed heart with skull pins in it located on the chest. All accent stitches and snake is sewn on and not a print. To have the dress area fluff out, there is a white underskirt with red mesh trim. Love this scary Halloween costumes for adults theme.

Zoombie Couples Costume

zoombie couples scary cosutme

The Schoolgirl and Schoolboy Zombie costumes are not for the faint-hearted! It’s all about the best we can do to help you secure your place in your new undead society and still hold some grasp of what you once were.

The guy’s costume is a tattered, blood-splattered uniform jacket and attached shirt front. The matching uniform pants and necktie are also nicely zombified and go nicely with any scary accessories. When deciding what kind of makeup to put on, ask yourself if you want to look like a classic, gray-skinned, shambling ghoul, or do you want to get a little gorier to match the bloody uniform?

For the ladies, the gray school jacket is only slightly torn up and the attached shirt is only generally soaked forever in blood. A prosthetic bloody wound is included if you cannot recall where you were bitten. Oh, and a red and black tie compliments the very short plaid skirt! Add some wigs and you are both right to go.

The Versailles Vampire & Vampiress Couples Costume

zoombie couples scary cosutme

Nothing screams Halloween like Vampires! Both these costumes are very impressive! Ladies first this time: Stunning dress of deep red/crimson color with black overlays and accents. The dress, more of a ball gown in our view, has back zip fastening.

Features three black satin bows that run down the front. Gorgeous flowing lace sleeves. The black lace petticoat has an elastic waistband for comfort. This particular dress also includes hopped boning and does come with fitting instructions.

For our vampire, your lady will not be able to resist you wearing this stunning vampire costume! Black velvet coat has attached bat-style cape.

Decorative silver-tone filigree buttons run down the front of the vest and the vest has a brocade front and interlocks at the back.

This particular scary Halloween costumes for couples idea is a popular theme and sold year in year out. Perfect for themed parties as well.


Scary Halloween Costumes For Couples Turn Into Clowns!

scary halloween costumes for couples

Clowns have gone from fun-loving to scary and creepy with this scary Halloween couples costume idea!

Let the jagged lines, and the alternating black and red colors of this evil jester costume do some of the creepy work for you. Speaking of creepy, the little plastic skulls dangling from the collar and from the top of the curled hood add an unsettling effect to your look, which also matches the sinister grin on the spooky vinyl skull mask.

The Killer Clown costume for women comes with an asymmetrical black and white toned dress. The footless tights have a polka dot theme on one leg and a striped theme on the other, which perfectly matches the dress. Just place the matching hat on your head and you’ll be ready to “entertain” a few victims!

A set of makeup will let you create your own unique and gruesome clown face and nothing tells the audience that you’re a straight nightmare like a toy knife accessory.

Classic Scary Skelton Couple

scary halloween costumes for couples

For ladies, the Bone Appetite skeleton dress will have you set for a night of ghoulish fun.  The costume includes a long sleeve pullover maxi dress that has shoulder cutouts for added detail. The real showstopper, though, is the all-over printed skeleton graphics that glow in the dark.

You are sure to make a grand entrance to your party in this dress! Add some skeleton makeup and a pair of black gloves for a complete look that is straight from the grave!

For the guys, the polyester skeleton-printed jumpsuit lets you proudly display your scary inner structure while keeping your real bones nice and warm under your skin, where they belong.

Add a skull mask and some matching skeletal gloves and shoe covers to complete this creepy look!

We would love to know which of our scary Halloween costumes for couples you will be wearing?!