We can bring the past forward in time with historical costume ideas for Halloween-themed parties, festivals, and historical reenactments. Sometimes we simply want to dress up as people from our favorite civilizations and time periods because we admire them so much!

The Egyptians and Greeks were awesome because they dominated art and culture. Between the two of them, they made six of the seven wonders of the ancient world! The middle ages brought us tales of knights and derring-do that would be romanticized for centuries to come. Even Victorian attire was cool enough that it inspired the genre that is now steampunk!

Renaissance Costumes

historical Renaissance Costumes

The Renaissance began in Italy and spread throughout Europe from the 1300s to the 1600s. Fashion changed a lot as this time encompassed a few centuries and countries, and there were huge differences between Renaissance clothing for the upper and lower classes.

Renaissance historical costume ideas for women will generally consist of dresses, while men’s Renaissance costumes should include tunics and jerkins. Also, ladies, the richer you are, the more layers you get to wear!

Victorian Costumes

victorian historical costumes

Victorian dress is well-known for big, showy ladies’ dresses with lots of layers. Blouses, coats, corsets, dresses, bustles, hoops and bloomers were some of the most common pieces to a Victorian woman’s outfit.

For Victorian men’s clothing, trousers as opposed to breeches were coming into fashion, and they looked dashing in a variety of coats and hats. Victorian apparel for Halloween costumes is a lot of fun and a favorite of many people.

The Times of Cleopatra

cleopatra histrocial costume ideas

Cleopatra Halloween costumes are a favorite for a reason. Who wouldn’t want to take a swing at becoming one of the most legendary rulers in history? Especially a ruler with such a great wardrobe!

Cleopatra’s costumes are studded with a royal dose of gold and turquoise, perfect for themed parties. On the other hand, sexy Cleopatra costumes can feature sheer fabrics and dramatic cuts!

Viking Costumes

historical costume ideas for vikings

There are very few looks as tough as the Viking outfit. Pair a men’s Viking costume with a shield, a long beard, and pair a women’s Viking costume with an intricate braided design and a sense of leadership, and you’ve got an award-winning look.

Whether you’re dressing up as Ragnar, Lagertha, or Loki, a good Viking costume always stirs up a sense of adventure!

Robin Hood Historical Costume Ideas

robin hood costume ideas

You can live the Robin Hood legend in one of these Robin Hood historical costume ideas. There are versions for men, women and kids. You will also find costumes that let your friends be Maid Marian, Friar Tuck or other Merry Men.

You could do a group theme quite easily. Just practice your archery skills. You might get challenged to a contest!

Roman Costumes

roman halloween costumes

All the best epics come from Roman and Grecian times. Do you know what that means? Endless awesome costume opportunities!

Greek outfits might include Jason and the Argonauts in armor or philosophers in togas. And we haven’t even touched Olympia yet, the Greek goddess costume will always be in style!

Political Historical Costumes

historical costume ideas

There are many costumes that cover a large part of human history. You can search for more historical costume ideas here to find your perfect historical outfit.

Even if you hated history in school, we’re sure you’ll find many more historical costume ideas to love!