Lord Voldemort will be no match for any young wizard outfitted in any of the below Harry Potter costumes for kids.

Help your budding wizard find their footing with this theme available for children, toddlers and babies! In fact, your entire family could dress up in the Harry Potter theme as we have found some fabulous Harry Potter costumes for adults. All available at Halloween costumes online store, one-stop shopping makes it so much easier to organize Halloween all delivered to your door!

harry potter costumes for kids

Harry Potter Deluxe Harry Costume for Boys

This kid’s deluxe Harry Potter Costume is an officially licensed outfit from the Harry Potter movies. It recreates the look of the Hogwarts uniform, so your child will feel like a real wizard-in-training.

The costume comes with a black robe that has a satin maroon interior to give it that iconic Gryffindor House style. The front of the robe has the Gryffindor patch on the chest, so your little one will look like a first-year student!

This Harry Potter costumes for kids also comes with a jumpsuit that fits underneath the robe. The top of the jumpsuit has Harry’s vest and shirt printed onto it, while the pants portion looks like a pair of dress slacks. Once your child has it on, he’ll look up to Hogwarts dress code! (Note: wand and fake glasses are sold separately.)

harry potter costumes for kids

Harry Potter Deluxe Hermione Costume for Girls

Your child will feel brave and bold in red and gold when she receives these wizarding robes. Whether she’s simply rereading the books or watching the movies or dressing up for Halloween!

This officially-licensed Harry Potter Hermione Costume features a pull-over dress layered underneath silky Gryffindor robes.

The dress has a long pleated skirt and a top with a tie and collar printed to look like the Hogwarts uniform. The robe is trimmed with a deep red along with the inner opening and hood.

A patch on the chest will make your kiddo a proud resident of the Gryffindor house.

harry potter costumes for kids

Harry Potter Kids Hufflepuff Robe Costume

Whether you’re planning on heading out for some magical trick-or-treating or you’re preparing for a Harry Potter-themed party, this Harry Potter Hufflepuff Robe Costume will make your child excited for their new wizarding identity!

This soft robe is sure to bring the magic of Hogwarts to life for your little one. The robe has wide sleeves to make charm-casting more exciting than ever.

Trimmed in gold fabric, this costume also has the Hufflepuff shield on the front. Topped in a wide gold-lined hood, it’s ready for costume parties, playing pretend, as well as photoshoots.

Add a Harry Potter Hufflepuff Classic Necktie and remember to grab the wand!

harry potter costumes for kids

Toddler Harry Potter Deluxe Slytherin Robe Costume

If your little one is both charming and sneaky, she might belong in Slytherin. To prepare for that eventuality, we suggest getting some fine school robes—you won’t want the robes to look second-hand when your child struts into the Great Hall for the first time.

These Deluxe Slytherin Robes will prevent any snide remarks from fellow classmates. The luxe black robes feature an emerald lining and the Slytherin crest ensuring your little witch or wizard is ready to show their house pride.

Also hooded with emerald greenlining. All she needs is her own wand! There is also a matching tie, headband and scarf if you would like to add more to her costume.

harry potter costumes for kids

Harry Potter Costumes For Kids – Deluxe Ravenclaw Robe Costume

If your child wants to become a wizard, then the first step is to outfit them with this Kid’s Harry Potter Deluxe Ravenclaw Robe!

The unisex robe is inspired by the ones worn by characters in the movies. It’s made out of a comfortable velour material and features a blue, satin lining on the interior.

It also features an attached hood, since every good wizard needs a hood! It fits with a simple button and loop clasp in the front and the chest even has an embroidered Ravenclaw crest on it to finish out the look.

Wand and Harry Potter tie sold separately but you can easily add these in at checkout at Halloween Costumes online store.

harry potter costumes for kids

Beasts Kids Deluxe Newt Scamander Costume

You cannot go wrong with a look from the Harry Potter universe (Harry Potter Costumes for Kids universe), and this Kid’s Fantastic Beasts Deluxe Newt Scamander Costume is sure to have all their new classmates asking, “Where DID you find it?”

This officially licensed costume includes a shirt and vest combo with an attached bow tie, as well as a character jacket.

The detailing of the look is period-perfect and precious on your kiddo, with realistic-looking printed buttons, lapels, and pockets. The attached bow tie is green plaid, and the jacket has a foam-backed collar so it stands up, along with its own printed detailing and an allover print that looks just like tweed.

You should grab the wand and your son will also need a grey pair of pants to match as both are not included with the costume.

harry potter costumes for kids

Harry Potter Girls Professor McGonagall Deluxe Costume

When looking at Harry Potter costumes for kids, not all girls want to wear the whole robe look. Professor McGonagall checks off your girls’s want to be a teacher, witch, and cat all in one go!

Start with the human side of the look with this Deluxe Professor McGonagall costume. This is a full-length, black dress with long angel sleeves and a deep V-neck with black ruffles for that prim and proper professor look.

The pointed hat with black satin trim is professional and the peak of spellcasting perfection. We would add the Harry Potter Deluxe Professor McGonagall Light Up Wand to complete the look!

harry potter costumes for kids

Harry Potter Costumes For Kids –  Gryffindor Robe

When it comes to Harry Potter costumes for kids not all children like the Delux look like the costumes above on specific characters. The full Gryffindor Robe was what all the “students” wore.

After all, even if your kid is not best friends with Harry Potter, all Gryffindors have a love of adventure so you never know what might happen.

• Long black hooded robe with the maroon hood lining
• Black button clasp
• 100% polyester interlock knit fabric
• Gryffindor emblem printed on the left breast

harry potter costumes for kids

Harry Potter Kids Dumbledore Deluxe Costume

This licensed Dumbledore Costume will make your child feel like they just came from Hogwarts.

They’ll look resplendent in the long, gray robe with embroidered scrolling down the front. It secures in the middle and flares into a wide collar. The sleeves have a noble cut with the light gray material cut to the wrist and the wider sleeve lifted with a strap.

Topped off with a pillbox hat, your child might start making new passwords for his room as soon as this costume arrives.

A great addition to this costume would be to add in a gray beard and wig and the Dumbledore Wand!

harry potter costumes for kids

Deluxe Harry Potter Dobby Costume for Toddlers

This licensed adorable plus Harry Potter Dobby costume will make your little one the most lovable house elf the Wizarding World has ever met!

Do you remember this is the little guy who tried to save Harry Potter’s life when no one else did?!

This costume’s jumpsuit has a super soft texture. The legs are attached to foot covers and hand covers. The fabric is a soft, pink, velvety texture. The hat has large ears, a plush nose, and large green eyes. The soft jumpsuit is hung with a rag cause and it comes with a sock cause Dobby simply isn’t a free elf without his ensemble.

harry potter costumes for kids

Toddler Harry Potter Union Suit

Getting your child into Wizarding school before they’re ready is real trouble. What to do!?

The whoops in the wizarding world means a major win for you! Now you can get your hands on this Harry Potter Union Suit to get your tyke used to their one-day robes in a snap.

This officially licensed suit is made of super soft fleece fabric and is designed to look like the official robes of a Gryffindor student. The scarf, vest, Gryffindor patch, and even the wand and glasses of a certain Boy Who Lived are printed right in the front.

They’ll be living out their dreams Harry Potter style whether taking a nice nap or having some Halloween fun with their friends.

harry potter costumes for kids

Harry Potter Toddler Hedwig Costume

You’ve been waiting for the day and it’s finally here. Your toddler wants to be a Harry Potter character for Halloween!

Grant your little one’s wish with this Harry Potter Toddler Hedwig Costume. They’ll be ready to fly through the neighborhood this Halloween thanks to the design of this officially licensed ensemble.

The one-piece suit is made with a bright white velour fabric to give it the same gorgeous snowy look Hedwig is known for. The long, flowy sleeves are attached along one side to the suit, so when your toddler raises their arms they’ll be spreading their wings.

The separate, but included, headpiece features a soft-sculpted beak and embroidered amber eyes to complete the magical look!

harry potter costumes for kids

Harry Potter Deluxe Kids Costume- Luna Lovegood

Is your daughter looking for something different from the normally chosen Harry Potter costumes for kids?

Fairly certain she will love the Delux Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Costume!

This fully licensed Luna Lovegood costume from Harry Potter features a knee-length skirt with a wild pattern. The pink jacket secures up the back. It’s designed after the tweed jacket that Luna wears in the movies.

Big buttons are printed on the front. Printed stitching adds extra detail to make the jacket look tailored. Complete with Luna’s striped socks, this costume is going to delight your little Luna!

harry potter costumes for kids

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Skirt for Girls

For the girls under their Harry Potter robes, you can also buy the fully licensed Ravenclaw skirts!

This skirt features sweet pleats of Ravenclaw’s house colors—blue and silver—against a gray A-line base. The stately house crest is showcased on the left hip and looks authentic, especially when your child chooses to pair this officially licensed skirt with a house-themed tie and new school robes!

You can also purchase the scarf, wand and socks if you wish to complete your Harry Potter costume for kids theme.