Halloween is the spookiest of seasons, so it is only (super) natural that kids ghost costume is popular! Nothing like a few clanking chains and friendly ghosts to make this holiday come to (after) life.

Baby ghost costumes make for perfectly timeless first Halloween photos. Girls’ and boys’ ghost costumes are sure to be a blast at school parties and while hooting and hollering through the neighborhood.

kids ghost costume

Soul Taker Kids Ghost Costume

If your little one wants to give his friends a fright this Halloween, then this Soul Taker Costume is just what they are looking for.

The black hooded pullover robe fastens at the back of the neck with ties. The robe has white poly knit mesh draped from the neck and shoulders for the ultimate ghastly look.

The sleeves have long black fringe along the length of them for added detail. The mesh knit of the hood covers the entire face so no one will know their true identity!

The bottom of the robe has printed white souls grasping upward so no one will mistake why this soul taker has appeared!

kids ghost costume

Fade Eye Shadow Demon Boy’s Costume

If you’ve ever gone for a nighttime stroll, chances are you’ve noticed little eyes watching you in the dark.

It could be your little one terrorizing the neighborhood in this spooky Fade Eye Shadow Demon Costume!

We can assure you that this is just a costume, and once your kid is dressed up in it, they will have a blast scaring the daylights out of their friends and neighbors.

The black bodysuit and the matching hood will transform your precocious son into a ghostly ghoul, while the battery-powered light-up glasses give them their spooky eyes.

kids ghost costume

Kids Friendly Ghost Costume

From creepy black to fun white kids costume ghost with this Friendly Ghost Costume that can be worn by both boys and girls!

With the playful face on this costume, (and only two eye holes) you won’t have to worry about your little ghoul ending up like a certain cartoon and receiving rocks from your neighbors.

The smiling face on this ghost costume isn’t the only thing that will make your little one stand out.

Your friendly little ghost has two little yellow and purple polka dot patches sewn onto his front side, giving the costume a cute clumsy look, that will have all your neighbors going, “Awe!”

kids ghost costume

Child Spooky Ghost Costume

Every year your son tries to think of the scariest thing to be for Halloween. Now this year he wants to be a spooky ghost!

This exclusive (cannot be purchased anywhere else) Child’s Spooky Ghost Costume has the spooky formless shape of a ghost and it covers his face, so no one will know who is under the mask of a would-be Grim Reaper.

Don’t forget to get a Light Up Skull Lantern to really finish off the spooky look.

• Hood has foam lining for shape, black face cover attached
• Draped layers of white fringe cloth
• Black gloves have foam backing for shape

kids ghost costume

Spirited Ghost Costume for Infant’s

Exclusive ghost costume for babies from Halloween Costumes store! It’s super cute!!

This Infant Ghost Costume is perfectly spooky for baby’s first Halloween! The look features an adorable hooded tunic printed with a surprised ghost’s face on the front.

Folks are sure to ooh and aww over the details such as the pointed hood lined with a cool phantom print and the tattered hemline.

Complete with a pair of matching leggings that easily slide down for diaper changes, this costume is comfy for all sorts of Halloween events!

kids ghost costume

Girls Haunted Beauty Costume

Shhh… did you hear that? It sounded like little feet dashing around the house, and chains being rattled in a haunting fashion.

It sounds like your little one might be having some spooky fun in this Haunted Beauty Costume!

• Sleeveless pullover dress has elastic waistband, knit mesh overlay
• Shrug has long mesh sleeves with hanging fringe; hood fastens with Hook and Loop fastener at neck
• Mesh veil can be worn on top of hood or pulled down to cover the face
• 6′ long plastic chain can be threaded through ribbon loops inside seams of the dress

kids ghost costume

Kid’s Bleeding Ghost Face Costume

Be terrified when a mysterious figure arrives at the breakfast table in this Child Bleeding Ghost Face Costume.

And if you can’t get behind their look, then they may just be looking for their next victim!

• 100% polyester pullover hooded robe has long bell sleeves
• Jagged edges at hemline & sleeve cuffs
• Mask has a clear top layer to contain blood; mesh-covered eye openings
• Pump connects to tubing & threads down sleeve to hand
• Squeezing the hand pump makes fake blood flow across the mask

kids ghost costume

Kid’s Ghastly Ghost Costume

All jokes aside, this Child Ghastly Ghost Costume is just the answer to your daughter’s kids ghost costume goals.

In this Made by Us exclusive from Halloween Costumes Store, your little girl will be outfitted in super-soft polar fleece, perfect for a chilly Halloween night.

The bright white fabric is made to look ghostly with black eyes and mouth in a recognizable boo-face. The simple zippered jumpsuit covers ankles to head in a loose shape and allows your daughter to wear whatever is comfortable underneath.

All she needs is some black sneakers and grab a pink trick or treat pale.

kids ghost costume

Baby Boo! Ghost Costume for Toddlers

Do you think that your child is going to grow up to be frightening? Frighteningly cute? Yeah, we thought so! Forget about having your tot go in anything else this Halloween when you get them this adorable Baby Boo Ghost Costume.

Featuring a smiling ghost face, your little one is sure to give out smiles to everyone they meet when they go as this teeny weeny ghost!

You’re going to love getting your baby ready for their first Halloween when you get them this cute and easy-to-wear costume. A simple printed tunic means that your little one will be comfortable.

The Hook and Loop fastener closure and elastic fit means it will stay in place, and your child will be looking spooktacular.

kids ghost costume

Ghost Tutu Toddler Costume

Give your little ghoul an adorable Halloween look with this Ghost Tutu Toddler Costume!

Exclusive only available at Halloween Costumes and is perfect for your toddler’s playful spirit. The bodice is long-sleeved for warmth and features an all-over print of classic Halloween phrases and shapes. 

Extending from the empire waistline, a long tulle skirt gives the costume its light and airy look, while a large printed ghost face smiles from the center.

Complete the look with the satin hair bow that guarantees, even if she is sneaking in the shadows, your toddler looks as charming as ever!

kids ghost costume

Bobble Head Ghost Kid’s Costume

Well, here it is! Inspired by this fake true story, here is the Child Bobble Head Ghost costume.

This kids ghost costume consists of a black robe with ghostly white gloves and a removable mask and hood that give your child that oversized, ghostly bobblehead look.

The screaming mouth and wild, sad eyes will definitely scare anyone into giving out more candy than they had intended!

Add to the whole theme with a battery-powered lantern and your son is good to go.

kids ghost costume

Feed Me Ghost Costume for Kids

You’ll be a scream in your Feed Me Ghost Costume and what a cool way to store all that candy! The 100 percent polyester tunic pulls over your head and fastens in the back.

The mouth on the front is howling with hunger and doubles as a big pocket to store candy and any other goodies. The embroidered felt eyes above the pocket are always looking for more to eat.

Lacy, sheer fabric drapes over your arms and serves as a ghostly outer layer to give you that free-floating ghoul look. Never fear when this phantom comes calling, though. It only wants more chocolate!

kids ghost costume

Kids Ghost Costume

Love this easy-to-wear White Kids Ghost Costume with added stitching detail! Not all scray ghost costumes need to be black so this is perfect!

And, the neighbors will be able to see your child easily to offer up their goods, when they see your little one cloaked up in a spooky black-stitched robe and frightening full-face mask.

The included chain demonstrates just how committed these spirits are to their delicious chocolate treats!

• White robe with printed on black stitching
• Removeable hood attaches to robe with Hook and Loop fastener
• Ghost mask with black mesh over the eyes and mouth
• White three-foot-long plastic chain
• (Chain does not attach to the costume)

kids ghost costume

Child Ghostly Spirit Costume

This Halloween, when your child wants to channel her inner bogey, let her do so in style. This Ghostly Spirit Costume will impress all the souls in the great beyond.

The white hooded robe paired with the long white wig has the mysterious countenance that might even spook a spirit.

• Long-sleeved white pullover dress has jagged edges at hem & wrists
• Dress has hood & overlay strips of cheesecloth
• Wig is white synthetic hair on mesh cap with elastic edge

kids ghost costume

Kid’s Zalgo Morphsuit Costume

Isn’t this a scary-looking black and white Kid’s Zalgo Morphsuit!

What seems to be a comfortable polyester and spandex blend jumpsuit with the complete foot, hand, and head enclosure (the latter of which can be unzipped for eating or letting your terrified spectators a chance to breathe) may actually be the Internet legend come to life!

Its exotic and wandering lines of black and white depict the changing environment of the Internet and Zalgo’s unique ability to manipulate its content.