May the force be with your children this Hallows Eve. Star wars costumes for kids are always popular every Halloween season so if your children are looking at this theme you do need to be quick on getting their favorite costume picks.

All children sizes are covered and we have our favs below, which is fabulous for a family theme. Even your pet dog can get in on the act and we have showcased our favorite Star Wars Costumes for dogs.

star wars costumes for kids

Kids Mandalorian Beskar Armor Costume

Based on the main character’s suit of armor from the Star Wars series, this kid’s Mandalorian Beskar Armor Costume recreates the look of his upgraded armor.

The jumpsuit has plenty of printed details to recreate the look of rugged armor. Like all Mandalorians, your child will need to wear a mask to cover their face. This costume comes with a molded mask that has a mesh visor for vision.

• Jumpsuit has hook & loop fastener strips at center back
• Attached foam boot covers have elastic bands under the foot
• Cape attaches to jumpsuit with hook & loop fastener strips at shoulders
• All-over printed graphics
• Belt has hook & loop fastener at back
• Mask has elastic band around back of the head
• Mesh-covered visor will limit vision
• Officially licensed

star wars costumes for kids

Kid’s Mandalorian The Child Costume

When it comes to star wars costumes for kids, the Mandalorian theme ranks up with the most popular costumes! Mandalorian The Child Kids Costume is officially licensed from the hit Disney+ series, and it’s every bit as adorable as the character from the show.

The costume is comprised of a fleece robe with a hook and loop closure at the back, just like they used back on Tattooine.

The headpiece uses the same mechanism, while the attached foam hand covers have an elastic band that hold them in place.

• Attached foam hand covers have elastic band to hold in place
• Headpiece has hook and loop closure at chin

star wars costumes for kids

Toddler Deluxe Chewbacca Costume

Good old Chewy stands the test of time in star wars costumes for kids. Everyone loves him! This Toddler Chewbacca Costume is a deluxe-style costume based on the famous wookiee from the Star Wars movies.

With a jumpsuit covered in faux fur, this costume zips up to get your kid ready for a trip on the Millennium Falcon faster than you can say the word “Shyriiwook!”

• Faux fur covers the entire jumpsuit, fully lined for comfort
• Cross-body satchel is sewn to suit, the pouch is functional
• Plush foot covers have “toe” details
• Officially licensed

star wars costumes for kids

Star Wars BB-8 Kid’s Costume

Make sure that BB-8 wins every award for cutest droid when you combine this adorable costume with your own kiddo.

Your child will love emulating the BB-series astromech that has taken over the sequel trilogy with this officially licensed Star Wars BB-8 Kid’s costume. The fiberfill top gives your kiddo the rounded body of BB-8 and has white sleeves for their arms to fit through.

The headpiece is a rounded mushroom hat designed to look like our favorite droid’s domed head.

When your tyke gears up in this BB-8 costume, we will finally see the only droid that’s even more adorable than BB-8. Plus, if they’ve already seen the movies, they can help you get right to Ahch-To!

star wars costumes for kids

Deluxe Princess Leia Girl’s Costume

This officially licensed Princess Leia Costume for girls is perfect for Halloween night or just for any day dress-up!

The 100% polyester knit dress has an attached hood and oversized bell sleeves to give that classic Princess Leia look.

The white faux leather belt is also included and has a foam backing for extra sturdiness and attaches with Hook and Loop fastener for a comfortable fit.

The belt also has silver decorative accents on the front for added authenticity. The glittered dress has a high neck and closes with Hook and Loop fastener in the back for easy on and off.

No Princess Leia costume is complete without her signature hairstyle, so this costume comes with a synthetic hair wig that is styled just like Princess Leia’s iconic look!

star wars costumes for kids

Kids Jango Fett Deluxe Costume

If your little Star Wars fan wants to dress up like the most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy, this Jango Fett Deluxe Costume which includes the two-piece Jango Fett helmet mask is just what they’ll need to capture some scum and villainy!

For even more realism, add a matching Jango Fett Jetpack, or a pair of toy blasters to help them capture their quarry.

• Purple Deluxe Jumpsuit with Molded Armor
• Two-Piece Full PVC Helmet
• Pair of Costume Gloves
• 3D Brown Molded Belt (may need to be adjusted for your child’s size)

You will find at Halloween Costumes Store lots of great accessories for star wars costumes for kids. 

star wars costumes for kids

Star Wars Girls Deluxe Darth Vader Dress

First things first, if a child is going to take up Darth Vader’s reign, they’re going to need to look the part.

This officially licensed Darth Vader costume comes with all the necessary accessories to create an intimidating Sith uniform.

The poly-blend dress is given the formidable look of Darth Vader’s armored suit with stitched foam padding and a printed control panel.

Complete with a flowing cape—for dramatic entrances and exits—and Vader’s classic helmet, a young Sith lord will be ready to lead the Galactic Empire.

star wars costumes for kids

Star Wars Costumes For Kids – Deluxe Stormtrooper Costume

Every Stormtrooper needs the proper gear though, so to make sure you have the correct look be sure to pick up this officially licensed Star Wars Stormtrooper costume.

The 100% polyester jumpsuit has white rubber armor pieces attached to the front for a classic look out of the original Star Wars films. The attached boot tops are an easy way to get the full look from head to toe without spending a fortune.

A matching white rubber belt is also included. Top it off with the two-piece PVC Stormtrooper helmet and you’ll be ready to fight in no time!

Just don’t forget to add a blaster to this star wars costume.

star wars costumes for kids

Kid’s Star Wars C-3PO Costume

This Child C-3PO Costume allows your young child to assume the role of the legendary golden droid introduced in Star Wars: A New Hope.

It comes with a jumpsuit designed to look like his metallic body. The gold-colored exterior has plenty of printed details.

The foot covers fit over your child’s shoes to continue the look. The final piece to this outfit is the molded mask, which has all of C-3PO’s features shaped directly into the mask.

Once your child has the costume on, he’ll be ready to join R2-D2 on adventures across the galaxy and be ready to hang out with Luke Skywalker.

star wars costumes for kids

Star Wars Costumes For Kids – Yoda! 

It’s time to channel the wisdom and Light Side of the Force from the best leader the Jedi Council had ever seen with this Kid’s Yoda Costume.

This outfit comes straight from the Star Wars movies and has a polyester jumpsuit with an attached robe. A set of foot covers are included to make sure your little one has the green feet of a tiny Jedi Master.

A set of matching hand covers and a soft, plush Yoda headpiece complete the character effect. The only thing missing from the outfit is a lightsaber!

star wars costumes for kids

Star Wars Baby Yoda Costume

Got a little Jedi Master on your hands? Maybe he wants to match his big brother and you have two Yoda’s in the family!

This Star Wars Yoda Infant Costume gives your little one a look straight from the original trilogy. It comes with a brown jumper that has attached green footies on the bottom.

It also comes with a light brown woven robe that fits over the suit to give your child that true Jedi Master look.

Of course, the headpiece has the be the best part about this costume! The plush headpiece comes with a soft satin lining to help keep your little one comfortable during their Jedi journies!

star wars costumes for kids

Boys Darth Vader Costume

This year when your son tries to wear his Kids Darth Vader Costume to school every single day. Let him.

Let’s be honest if you could you would walk around in full Vader get up all the time. So would your son. So would we.

We would all wear that black cape, chest piece, and iconic helmet. We would talk with the mechanical voice of the Dark Lord. Trying to breathe at the same time as talking.

• Darth Vader jumpsuit with control pad printed on the front
• Screenprinted belt that ties in the back
• Black Sith Lord cape
• Plastic Darth Vader helmet mask

star wars costumes for kids

Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey Kid’s Costume

Your little Star Wars fan can dress up as her favorite scavenger-turned-hero in this Classic Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey Costume, and go on a galactic adventure of her own!

The jumpsuit looks just like the rugged scavenging outfit Rey wears on her adventures and features a foam belt and arm cuff printed to look like her actual props in the movie.

Be sure to add the matching official hooded eye mask and the staff accessories so she can complete this heroic look.

After all, dressing up like Rey is much more exciting than salvaging junk, so she’ll need to be ready for anything!

star wars costumes for kids

Kids Luke Skywalker Costume

If you want to tap into better parental instincts than good old Uncle Owen, then maybe consider getting this Kids Luke Skywalker Costume.

Your little one can look just like the great Tatooine hero with this ivory tunic and matching pants and boot covers, with a foam belt.

To complete the look, make sure to accessorize with a lightsaber. Now let your little one get out there and explore the world beyond the moisture farm. Just remember, avoid the Tusken Raiders and don’t trust those Jawas.

star wars costumes for kids

Star Wars R2-D2 Toddler Boys Costume

This R2-D2 Toddler Boys Costume is Star Wars and Disney officially licensed and we just love it, looks so darn cute!

It comes with a cylinder-like tunic top, and a dome-like headpiece. Both pieces feature the droid details that Artoo has on his metal body.

The tunic has armholes, and a large opening at the bottom so the legs will be free. It even features little R2-D2 feet at the bottom.

We’re sure your child will feel like a part of the Star Wars universe when this suit up in this fun style!

star wars costumes for kids

The Force Awakens Captain Phasma Kid’s Costume

We can’t recommend this high-quality Child Deluxe Star Wars The Force Awakens Captain Phasma Costume highly enough as comes with great detail.

• Jumpsuit fastens with Hook and Loop fastener at center back; cape fastens to suit with Hook and Loop fastener at shoulders
• Foam belt fastens with Hook and Loop fastener; boot tops have elastic bands underfoot
• Front and back parts of helmet/mask connect with Hook and Loop fastener dots

star wars costumes for kids

Kids Jedi Robe Costume

It takes a lot to be a Jedi. It takes natural talent. We all remember Qui-Gon Jinn explaining the way midichloreons work to little Anakin. He had a powerful talent, too bad he went bad.

It takes hard work and training. Obi Wan Kenobi trains young Luke to be the best Jedi he can be.

So, this Halloween show your son what happens when he works hard. Give him this Kids Brown Jedi Robe, and let him experience what his hard work was all for.

Make sure to buy him the saber as well!

star wars costumes for kids

X-Wing Pilot Kid’s Costume

If your little one wants to fly with the best fighter pilots this side of the Outer Rim, they’ll need this official Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Costume.

Since this costume is designed after the flight uniforms used in the Star Wars movies, that cool, adventuresome style is perfectly captured by this orange bodysuit.

It features attached black boot tops with gray accents and working pockets for a more authentic feel, while the molded plastic white life support chest panel and the Two-piece X-Wing pilot helmet will have them feeling like they just flew in from a galaxy far, far away.

star wars costumes for kids

The Last Jedi Deluxe Praetorian Guard Kids Costume

This child deluxe Praetorian Guard Costume lets your child look like one of the guards from Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

This deluxe costume is any young Star Wars fan’s dream. It comes with all the pieces needed to start your Praetorian Guard off the right way.

It comes with a bright red robe with attached shoulder pieces that recreate the style seen in the movie. It also comes with a mask that has a menacing look, perfect for intimidating those who might try to challenge your young one’s authority.

This one is probably the brightest coloured star wars costumes for kids option. 

star wars costumes for kids

Commander Fox Kid’s Costume

Commander Fox, or CC-1010 as he’s known by his friends, is the captain of the Coruscant Guard.

With our Commander Fox Costume, you might be a clone, but you’ll definitely stick out in a crowd.

The jumpsuit has all of the commander’s armor’s details, but in one piece, so you won’t misplace a vital piece of the look. It includes a built-in kama, which a blast-resistant piece of armor that hangs from the belt specific to Star Wars.

The mask fits securely with elastic. Bring the fight to the Jedi this Halloween!

star wars costumes for kids

Star Wars Death Trooper Super Deluxe Costume For Kids

Succumb to the power of the Dark Side in your Star Wars Death Trooper Super Deluxe Costume for Kids!

You’ll be the terror of the galaxy in this star wars costumes for kids! A deadly black jumpsuit with printed-on armor and attached boot tops.

Sling the belt around your hips and throw on the two-piece helmet and mask combination to hide your face while you wreak havoc on rebel planets.

• Jumpsuit has hook and loop fastener down center back
• Polyester foam throughout the costume for a plump muscular look
• Foam belt has printed graphics and hook and loop fastener to secure around your waist
• Molded plastic mask is 2 pieces that come together with hook and loop fastener
• Mesh material in the eyes allows vision

star wars costumes for kids

Star Wars Costumes For Kids – Queen Amidala 

Being a Queen isn’t ever an easy thing to do, especially if you have to deal with galactic war. But if anyone can keep their cool while making the right decisions it is Queen Amidala.

Now your little Star Wars fan can feel like royalty in this official Queen Amidala Girls Costume.

• Vibrant red dress
• Black trimmed sleeves and bottom
• Screen printed detailing
• PVC Amidala headpiece

There are so many other Star Wars costumes for kids listed over at the Halloween Costumes Online store, we simply couldn’t list them all but we know we have given you a great start on ideas.