You might wreak havoc in Loot Lake, but now it’s time to “git gud”. With these Fortnite costumes for kids, you can transfer your gaming skills to the real world. We carry iconic outfits based on the best skins, like Omega, Cuddle Team Leader, and Drift. We even have a Loot Llama costume for any loot-obsessed gamers out there!
fortnite costumes for kids

Kids Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Costume

They will love trick-or-treating with their friends and doing tons of different Fortnite dances from house to house in this Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Costume!

This hooded jumpsuit is about as soft as costumes come. It will be the comfiest costume your kiddo has ever worn. Besides the cozy jumpsuit, this costume also comes with a black belt.

On the top of the hood are the 3D facial features of the pink teddy bear mask Cuddle Team Leader wears in the game. The wrists and ankle cuffs are made with a rib-knit.

Be sure to get your little one a good pair of boots as well, dark pink or purple color is what we would suggest. Oh, and don’t forget a matching pair of gloves too!

fortnite costumes for kids

Fortnite Brite Bomber Girl’s Costume

Now your little Fortnite fanatic can go out this Halloween with this Brite Bomber Costume.

This officially licensed jumpsuit is about as soft as costumes come. It features a zipper on the back, a belt loop at the waistline, and an elastic belt that loops on the jumpsuit.

Fingerless gloves and wire-rimmed sunglasses pull the whole look together, but they won’t protect your eyes from those pesky UV rays.

• Jumpsuit has back zipper, belt loops at waistline
• Elastic belt threads through loops on jumpsuit fastens with plastic buckle
• Cropped raglan shirt has printed image on the front
• Stuffed armband slides on
• Fingerless gloves have hook & loop fastener on wrist bands
• Wire-rimmed sunglasses have mirrored lenses

fortnite costumes for kids

Kids Fortnite Dark Rex Costume

Everybody knows that striking fear into your enemies is satisfying, entertaining, and a crucial step on the road to victory.

Like the Tyrannosaurus is the King of all Dinosaurs, you will also feel like royalty in this Fortnite Child Dark Rex costume.

The zippered black, purple and silver jumpsuit feels as good as it looks and will remind you of why you love the Dino Squad so much. Tearing down forts and melee-ing has never felt as good.

Crushing buildings underfoot and chomping them in your gargantuan jaws will impress on your enemies that you are a force to be reckoned with!

fortnite costumes for kids

Fortnite Costumes For Kids – Boys Tomatohead

Are Fortnite costumes for kids meant to look funny? Bring joy and greasy goodness to Battle Royale fighters in your officially licensed Fortnite Boys’ Tomatohead Costume!

This 100 percent polyester jumpsuit is plastered in awesome printed graphics. The appliqued quilted pizza on the chest is enough to make anyone hungry.

Your Tomatohead mask is made of molded plastic and secures via an elastic band so you can flash that unnervingly cheery grin at all Pizza Pit customers. Strap the belt around your waist and pull on the shin guards.

fortnite costumes for kids

Skull Trooper Fortnite Costumes for Kids

Fortnite, the viral game has 350 million—yep, MILLION—players! So plenty of people will recognize your child’s inspiration when they see this Fortnite Child’s Skull Trooper Costume.

This costume as every detail needed to recreate the virtual skin in real materials. First, there’s the jumpsuit, which features the iconic skeleton design on both front and back.

Printed mesh sleeves keep your child cool as they run around defeating their enemies. The bones continue on the matching shin guards, which make this costume really look like armor!

The belt length is adjustable and features a black pouch. Tie the bandana however you wish, and then it’s time for the mask. This one has the added bonus of a hood, so the back of your child’s head is covered as well as the front.

fortnite costumes for kids

Fortnite Kids 8-Ball Costume

Fortnite costumes for kids is off to play 8 ball!! We joke but it looks that way with this Fortnite Kids 8-Ball Costume!

We know it is difficult to choose between 8-Ball and Scratch, but this child-sized jumpsuit will probably be enough to sway you!

It is designed to match the awesome Fortnite 8-Ball costume that is available in-game, complete with printed abs and armor.

We are fairly certain a lot of boys are going to love this particular fortnite costumes for kids! 

fortnite costumes for kids

Fortnite Child Fishstick Costume

Yes, this is it. This is the rare, officially licensed Fishstick Fortnite costume.

Putting on this costume will immediately make you feel like the humanoid, massive flopper that you have always wanted to be.

• Jumpsuit has back zipper
• Styled to look like a tunic over orange skin
• Belt has hook & loop fastener at front
• Each pouch has a loop on the back to slide over the belt
• Pouches have hook & loop fastener on top flaps
• Molded plastic mask has elastic band around back of the head
• Mesh-covered viewport allows limited vision

fortnite costumes for kids

Boy’s Fortnite Omega Costume

Get ready for lots of running and “pew pew!” noises once your child gleefully dons this Fortnite Boy’s Omega Costume. It’s time to battle for the island in style!

This zippered jumpsuit combines all of the pieces (except for the mask, of course), to make this costume easy to put on and take off.

Some padding in the shoulders and chest adds some muscles to the look, while padding in the knees makes playing the hero more comfortable for your Omega child.

The mask also has a foam interior for the best comfort and fit. Simply slide the elastic around your child’s head, and they are ready to go!

fortnite costumes for kids

Fortnite Drift Costume for Kids

You’ll be the fiercest player in the game when you wear your officially licensed Fortnite Child’s Drift Costume!

Send competitors running with your molded plastic mask that is modeled to look like a kitsune’s face, complete with pointed ears. The mask has padding inside to keep it comfortable when you are pinned down in a firefight or running for your life.

Zip up Drift’s Stage Two red hoodie: Made of 100 percent polyester, we bet that it’s as comfortable as the real deal. It will have to be if you’re fighting in it all day! The hoodie has two functioning pockets to keep your survival gear.

fortnite costumes for kids

Boys Skull Soldier Costume

This Boy Skull Soldier Costume just finished beta testing and is our newest hybrid costume, created specifically for kids like yours this holiday!

It’s got all the authenticity of army wear (camouflage, padded vest, sunglasses, and “headphones”) without the…skin…of a human, so it’s plenty scary, too.

• Jumpsuit fastens with zipper at center front
• Pants portion of jumpsuit is jungle camouflage print; shirt portion is sold gray
• Webbing belt & thigh strap slide through loops on foam pouch, fasten with plastic buckles
• Sunglasses have black plastic frames
• “Headphones” covered with camo print fabric

fortnite costumes for kids

Child Navy Seal Black Team 6 Costume

When it comes to doing crazy tough things like that, there’s no one better than the Navy special ops – and Seal Team 6 are the cream of the crop

With our child Navy Seal Black Team 6 Costume, he can live out his dream of being one of the elite soldiers called in to accomplish the most difficult of missions.

This ensemble includes black jumpsuit that secures up the back, an official-looking vest, with ”U.S. Navy Seals Team 6” printed on the front & zipper pockets and skeleton printed gloves and a bandana.

You’ll also receive a plastic helmet and plenty of toy soldier accessories for play.

fortnite costumes for kids

Boys Camo Trooper Costume

For our last pick amongst the Fortnite costumes for kids is one that will make sure your little soldier will always be prepared with this Camo Trooper Costume!

It comes with everything they will need to stay on top of any situation, including a digital camo jumpsuit and woodland camo vest to quickly blend into different environments.

The green foam helmet will help them blend in and green foam knee pads help them stay comfortable while doing all that crouching and kneeling during recon missions.

When he puts on the scary black skull-printed bandana, it will show the bad guys he means business!

It also comes with plenty of cool equipment (it’s just plastic though because the real equipment is heavy!) like toy binoculars and a walkie-talkie and other gear so your trooper will have any situation on lockdown when the bad guys show up!