Dinosaur costume kids theme is still a popular pick with children for the Halloween season because of the Jurassic movies and the fascination with these creatures.

We have found more than just the T-rex is on offer, in fact, in dinosaur costume kids you will find a huge array of designs and colors to suit both girls and boys. You could even dress your entire family in dinosaur costumes including your pet dog as many are available at our preferred Halloween costume supplier.

Green Dinosaur Costumes

dinosaur costume kids

The above show our favorite green dinosaur costumes. Kids Dilophosaurus Costume is awesome with its skin-textured jumpsuit, hood with a stiff orange and yellow neck frill, and a soft-sculpted face with two crests. Lime green Kid’s Giganto Costume is a velvet crush costume that has a hook-and-loop fastener down the back. The foam tail attaches to the costume with another hook-and-loop fastener.

Help your child put on some magic with the officially licensed bright green Liz Costume from The Magic School Bus. This comfy green jumpsuit features stitching to look like scales along the dark green belly and side and a stuffed tail with soft orange spikes along the back. Three stuffed and striped horns decorate the headpiece that features Liz’s curious eyes. The gloves are attached to the jumpsuit so they won’t get lost on your explorations, too!

Child Ride a Dinosaur Costume will be used all year round! Can you just see your boy riding around the house daily in this! This fun soft-sculpt jumpsuit dino costume sits comfortably around the waist and even has faux human legs attached to complete the illusion.

T-Rex makes his appearance in the green dinosaur costume kids range! The khaki green jumpsuit made of corduroy & fleece fabrics comes with an attached stuffed tail & matching headpiece. The shoe covers make sure they have the complete “tyrant lizard” look!

Orange Dinosaur Costumes

From burnt orange to nearly red your child will love these bright-colored theme dinosaur costume kids choices to stand out amongst their friends in their dinosaur park!

Hydra Red Dragon Costume with his burnt orange belly is accented with spike sleeves and down the trail from the head. The dragon-faced and foam-stuffed hood and stuffed hydra-head mittens complete with double heads and teeth make this a ferocious-looking costume. We can see a lot of fun in this one!

Dinosaur Train Buddy Costume is super sweet! Maybe not scary like other dinosaur costume kids ideas are but not all dinosaurs need to be right. The orange front zipper jumpsuit has blue spots down the back and on the attached stuffed tail. Orange shoe covers with white claws and the Stuffed Buddy character hood that fastens under the chin completes this costume.

We have another T-Rex but this time in the burnt orange color. This Child Jurassic World 2 T-Rex Costume is officially licensed and is styled as a hooded jumpsuit, fully printed with dino detail complete with a Jurassic World logo on the side! A plush tail is attached in the back and it’s stuffed with fiberfill. Boot covers are attached, and they fit over his or her shoes with an elastic band under the foot. Just have them flip up the plush hood to complete the costume effect. The soft-sculpted dinosaur face sits on top of the head and with big eyes, teeth, and a snout, it will have them ready to give a mighty roar!

If your child or children want to go really big and stand out you need the inflatable red dinosaur costume, really the only stand-out when looking for dinosaur costume kids inflatable ideas.

This look gets a lot of life from its inflatable nature! An internal battery pack and fan keep the puffy silhouette afloat. There is an oversized T-rex head, and the whole costume is all one piece in a surprisingly easy-to-wear jumpsuit. A clear panel ensures your child can see where they are going, even if there is still a bit of a learning curve to wielding a T-rex’s tiny arms and long tail.

Pink Purple Dinosaur Costume Kids – Which Will You Pick?

Not all girls love dressing up in the darker dinosaur costume kids theme. Many still love their bright colors of pink and purple and we found what we feel are the four cutest dinosaur costumes in this color block!

The Pink Dinosaur Onesie for Girls was actually designed by the in-house creative team over at Halloween costumes. Soft pink velour jumpsuit that zips up the front and has an attached hood with sculpted fabric eyes and spikes all the way down to the tip of the tail. With sharp-looking felt teeth and deep pink polka dots, this dinosaur costume perfectly combines perilous and pretty!

Girls will love Tilly the T-Rex pink and purple tye-dyed look jumpsuit that has soft-sculpted dinosaur features with stuffed tail sewn to back, soft-sculpted claws at wrists & ankles; a row of spikes from top of the hood to tip of the tail.

Ravenous Raptor Dinosaur Costume has a detailed design print and a lovely purplish hue. The jumpsuit zips up the front, and it has a tail in the back. An attached hood has dinosaur facial features, and mitts and foot covers are attached to the jumpsuit to finish the effect.

Who wants to be Teagan the Dragon Dinosaur? The soft purple jumpsuit is covered in cute pink polka dots and comes with a matching hood that has a dragon face on the top. Stuffed pink spikes run down the back of the hood to the tip of the attached tail, and attached shoe covers feature pink stuffed claws.

Last but not least the super cute dino costume for girls that comes with a stuffed dino headpiece smiling away that we are sure you will agree is saying “I am super cute and will not hurt you”. The jumpsuit also has an attached tail and the gloves are attached as well to cover her feet.

Dinosaur Costume Kids Top Choices For Grey to Silver

The time of the dinosaurs was scary. It was a lizard-eat lizard world. There was danger everywhere and according to different sites movies etc many dinosaurs seem to be in grey colors (But who really knows right!)

Still these sliver and to grey dinosaur costume kids ideas are outstanding! Child Spinosaurus Costume has a mix of silver-grey and blue accent colors. This Spinosaurus features the distinct back panel and a long tail of the carnivorous beast. The bodysuit zips up the front and is printed with a unique scale design plus a headpiece sculpted with dangerous felt teeth and yellow eyes! The look is continued with clawed feet that strap over your child’s shoes and long-clawed mitts to keep your kid looking fierce!

Do you live in a cold area? The Wooly Grey Dinoasuar costume will be perfect to keep your child warm during Halloween. The gray and black tonal jumpsuit can be slipped into in a manner of seconds with the attached hood, claws, and shoe covers.

Child Jurassic World Dino Costume has loads of detail also. The polyester jumpsuit has Hook and Loop fastener attachments and fits comfortably, even if the scaly look might make your kiddo look a bit terrifying. The hard plastic mask gives your kiddo some real bite to their smile and the attached tail can be stuffed for a fuller look.

Fallen Kingdom Blue Velociraptor Costume is another favorite dinosaur costume kids theme! Almost looks sparkly really. The costume comes with a jumpsuit that has a dinosaur scale print on the exterior. It even has a lizard-like tail attached to the back of it.

You can stuff the inside of the tail to create a more rigid appearance, or leave it hollow for a more loose appearance. The feet have shoe covers with claw-like designs on them. Of course, it comes with a mask as well. Was this dinosaur showcased in Jurassic Park?