What do you organize first, decorating the house for Halloween or working out your costumes or costume theme? At a guess, you would be looking at how you are going to decorate your house this year as let’s face it for those of us that like to go all out there is a lot of work to do!

Below we have some ideas to help kick start decorating the house for Halloween or perhaps add to your current way of decorating your house inside and out.

Outdoors Haunted Graveyard Scene

The haunted graveyard scene above will turn your pretty green lawn and gorgeous flowers into an almost witch circa of 500 years ago. This super cool scene at night will give off that “scary” look.

Not only will you have tombstones marking the final resting place of the dearly departed, you’ll actually have a skeleton popping out of the ground, along with his pet cat! You never know, those two just might be the next big internet lolcats craze.

• 5 Piece Buried Alive Skeleton Kit
• Skeleton Cat Decoration
• Crooked Stone Tombstone Set
• Skull Light Up Lantern
• 2 Pc. Cemetery Fence
• Spider Web Decoration
• 36 inch Tombstone
• Mossy Celtic Cross Tombstone

All available for purchase from our preferred supplier Halloween Costumes and you can pay via Sezzle buy now pay later option which is super handy for the budget!

Spooky Skeleton Grave Scene

Love this one may be the most but that’s because we love the whole purple look to it. Actually, an extra you could do is hire a fog machine (or you can purchase one upon checkout, they show up), just for the night and have fog wafting through this scene.

Would look SUPER cool especially with the purple eerie light in the background. Also if you happen to have a big tree, see if you can build the scene in front of that and have the LED light showing up into that tree as well, that would be spooky especially if the tree is near a street lamp.

This complete scene has cracked tombstones, a skeleton that rises from the dead, with a dog that sits on his feet, however not cute, his dog has nasty sharp baring teeth!

Remember you can purchase all you need for this outdoor scene from Halloween Costumes or any other ideas that have now come to mind for decorating the house for Halloween.

• Lifesize Poseable Skeleton
• Bones the Hungry Hound Skeleton Dog
• RIP Tombstone
• 35-inch Skeleton Winged Tombstone
• Crooked Tombstone 3 Piece Set
• Light up Lanterns
• Grim Reaper Tombstone
• Purple Glow Spider Web Decoration
• Black Light (to make the purple spider web pop at night!)
• Cemetery Fence

2 Apartment or Small Area Ideas

Will you be creating spells at your doorway or on your apartment balcony? As the picture shows you could have this setup around your pots. Grab a small white table to place your witch’s cat on and your spellbook, scatter some black spiders around and hang a larger one. You can easily put up spider cobwebs in the background.

Now for the actual witch grab the 3-foot hanging witch and have her cauldron at her feet (so hang her low so she looks like she is standing behind her pot of spells). This particular witch is animated with crackling laughter and phrases plus her eyes light up!


Add some glitter decorating the house for Halloween at your front door! Simple but effective with cobwebs hanging down one side of the doorway, purple reef on the door, and a black twig tree with orange-colored lights.

At the foot of the tree the stunning purple glitter pumpkins! You can see you could also pick your preferred color theme to perhaps match your door color?

We just love this idea for decorating the house for Halloween for those that have very little room to put something large up or fill the front yard with decorations.


Silver and Black Decorating Inside

Silver and black are always a stunning color combination and this particular scene uses the colors to work perfectly together on a sideboard or fireplace mantel. The pumpkins look great in checkboard pattern to add an accent to the black and silver!

The wicked sign is a rustic look of off black with silver writing that does have glitter. Place black skeletons around and a small black candelabra with flickering lights (runs on batteries)  for added effect.

If you can find a white crocheted spider web pattern runner to place under the decorations that will set the whole scene perfectly.

Decorating The House For Halloween – Fireplace!

There is something weirdly calming about this black and purple fireplace Halloween decoration idea. It is meant to be creepy after all but it’s also so classy and beautiful!

Glittery fun and old school spookiness: a black poseable skeleton, black cobwebs, and spooky-looking owl, along with purple pumpkins and accented by a larger black/silver pumpkin all set the stage perfectly.

Ideally, this would look brilliant in a home with an open fireplace just make sure nothing will catch on fire if you have the fire going!

• Poseable skeleton you could spray paint black
• Assorted glass perfume bottles you could find at discount stores
• A black house
• Silver, Black and Purple Glitter Pumpkins
• Black Weeping Willow Spray
• Light Up Black Owl
• Piece of black lace and place black spiders through it.

While all these scenes look amazing how they are set up, don’t forget to use your own imagination. Look at the image then stand back in your home and see if you can visualize where it would be a standout or how you could alter it slightly to add in as a feature somewhere.

We will showcase further ideas for decorating the house for Halloween! Just remember to have fun with it all.