Scary Toddler Costumes For Halloween

We have found a wide selection of scary toddler costumes that will help you find the perfect one for your little one. So many toddler costume ideas to choose from it may be hard to pick just one! You can also check out our fav dinosaur costumes for another scary toddler costume theme.

The first one we are showing you out of the above image is the Toddler Brown Werewolf Costume. A simple, one-piece jumpsuit, the top portion of the costume is covered in a layer of thick, faux fur. The bottom of the costume is designed to look like a pair of tattered jeans. A pair of furry mitts are at the end of each sleeve. The hood finishes the whole look off and comes with a werewolf face on top!

The Toddler Skelton Bat Costume is a black padded bodysuit that features skeleton bone details printed on the front and arms. Wings also have bone details and extend to either side. The headpiece features a little bat skull and ears and will transform him or her into the spooky Skeleton Bat. A pair of black leggings (sold separately) is a great way to complete the costume style!

When your kiddo climbs into this Toddler Mavis costume from Hotel Transylvania, she is going to seem like a mystical monster! Officially licensed includes a short black dress with sleeves to the elbows and a pair of black and red tights. Finish off the look with the wig and your kiddo will wig out as Mavis Dracula!

The spectacular Toddler’s Wolf costume is a gray dress made out of comfy minky fabric that your little one is going to love. It features long sleeves, a petal-shaped hem, a large hood, and a fuzzy tail. The sleeves, hood, and dress are all lined in black and gray pile fur and the hood has fuzzy, pointed ears to complete your kiddo’s wolven transformation!

scary toddler costumes

Ghostbusters Slimer Costume for Toddlers is a simple two-piece outfit. For starters, the top of your child’s body will be covered with what we like to call a bubble bodysuit.

The bright lime-green bodysuit has sleeves and a hood in the shape of Slimer’s goofy ghost face. This ghoulish glutton may have a rather malicious set of eyes but how can one not absolutely love his big toothy smile with his slobbering tongue hanging out?

Frilly Girls Bones Costume is just adorable while still being a scary toddler costume! The dress has hook & loop fastener at the center back with a printed rib cage with a heart on the front.

The skirt has a jagged hemline, built-in petticoat and the plain black pantaloons have elastic at the waist & cuffs. Black and white striped arm warmers have elastic on the top edge and the hat has loops for pinning to hair or sliding onto a headband (headband not included).

Toddler Girl’s Mummy Costume is an exclusive costume at Halloween Costumes and is styled as a muslin-wrapped shirt and a combination muslin and tulle skirt, you’ll have no problem mummifying your little one. With leg warmers and extra accent strips, you’ll be able to finish this ensemble with just the right touch. Style her with some fun mummy make-up, and she’ll be ready to put a fright into all the guests at the little get-together!

Kid’s Bubble Spider Costume comes with a black tunic that’s covered in an ultra-soft layer of faux fur, which comes with a bright green tummy. The tunic also has 3 attached spider-legs on each side, to give your little one the appropriate number of little legs. The hood is made out of a matching ultra-soft material and even has a pair of eyes and antennae on the top.

scary toddler costumes for halloween

Scary toddler costumes for boys includes: Toddler Frankenstein Costume has a gray shirt and green jacket, complete with several bolted patches is a perfect color balance for the light green and barely rotted flesh texture of the hood and stitched arms. (Do take care of the bolts as they are important for any necessary recharging.)

Toddler Purple and Black Bat Costume is soft and plushy with black and purple faux fur and satin and adorable little wings. The hood has the bat’s iconic ears and eyes, ever searching the night sky for just one more piece of delicious, elusive sky cheese.

Red Toddler Devil Costume is meant to be scary but it’s just so adorable we had to select it! The red minky jumpsuit zips up the front and features a triangle-tipped tail and sewn-on booties. The devil is literally in the details with this look, though, thanks to a pair of black webbed wings with wire boning and a pair of black minky horns on both the wings and the hood!

Toddler/Child Triceratops Fossil Costume is a delightful costume that combines two of our favorite Halloween themes, skeletons and dinosaurs. Styled as an easy-to-wear jumpsuit, this costume features a soft-sculpted hood and a plush tail, so your little guy will be ready to run around the Smithsonian or anywhere else that his fossil friends are hanging out.

toddler scary costumes

Mad Scientist Costume for Toddlers bright and colorful your child will love the lab coat printed with test tubes of mysterious concoctions, chemicals from the Table of Elements, wild drips of color, and even a loose lab rat!

The lab coat is layered over a fit and flare dress with a wildly patterned top and bright green swing skirt. Topped off with a pair of swirling goggles and green gloves, your little scientist will feel electric with delight when she sees this costume!

This scary toddler costumes theme is a terrifying transformation when your little one tosses on the black and gray diamond-print long-sleeved shirt of the Wicked Circus Clown Toddler Costume. Add the red and gray striped overalls and the malicious makeover is almost complete. The blood-red ruffled collar is a wonderfully wicked addition to the costume. Finally, top off this ghoulish getup with the cone-shaped hat, which matches the shirt.

Munsters Toddler Eddie Munster Costume comes with a purple jacket with a pair of shorts. The jacket has an attached shirt collar and ribbon ties at the neck. Finally, it comes with a pair of socks and a wig to help your little one feel like a real member of The Munsters!

Scary toddler costumes head to the ever-popular vampire theme with the Toddlers Royal Vampire Costume features 100% polyester fabric with 100% polyurethane foam pieces. Designed as a pullover dress, it fits with an elastic back waistband. It features a stylish front inset panel and stand-up foam collar that have printed swirls. The wide hanging sleeves have dark red cuffs and lining for instantly iconic style.