The Tale of Mrs Martha

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from Halloween movies, it’s that bad things always happen on Halloween, always! That’s just in the movies you might say – Halloween is just like any other day. Well, most of the time, you’re right. Halloween does go by without any creepy hitch or spine-chilling occurrence. But that’s most of the time, not always.

Sometimes unexplainable, scary, or downright horrible things do happen on Halloween. Costumes, decorations, and fear all cumulate in a melting pot of potential, which sometimes has disastrous consequences. And this is one of such situations!

Get ready to clutch onto your pillow, whilst biting your nails. For this tale you’re about to hear is no mere myth. Halloween’s just another day right? Well not in this case…Always be careful what you wish for they say, or at least that’s the lesson we’d learn from this story.

The time was 10pm, and little old Mrs. Martha is all alone in her house. Her grand kid who had come to spend the weekend with her was still out “trick or treating”. Yes, it was that time of the year – Halloween. You see, Mrs. Martha was a widow, and most of the time was all alone. So she always cherished times like this when her only daughter Karen would come over with her adorable grandkid.

Fast forward – it was Halloween, and the weather was particularly subtle tonight. You could hear the Boo’s and giggle of kids running up and down the street.

It was a couple minutes past 10pm and Mrs. Martha was already getting worried about the whereabouts of her grandson. And not just that, she had grown particularly bored of being left all alone in the house.

She gets up slowly and takes a peek out the window, hoping the sound of shoes she heard on the sidewalk was that of her grandson, but no one was there. She made her way back to her chair, let out a deep sign and whispered “Oh, I wish I had some company.” Immediately, a head fell from her chimney. She screamed until she lost her voice, the head rolled and stopped at her feet, and alas! It was her grandson’s detached head, right there in front of her.

How? Well, let’s rewind a little.

Mrs. Martha had just one grandchild, a 16 year old boy named Joey. You see, Joey loved to wander off alone whenever he came visiting, despite being unfamiliar with the neighborhood. And this time, Joey ended up paying the ultimate price after accidentally ringing the wrong doorbell whilst he was out trick or treating. Reports state that Joey arrived at the home of a nearby neighbor who opened the door and was wielding an axe. And although Joey allegedly said, all he came for was some candy the neighbor claimed he feared for his life and had to make use of his axe to defend himself.

After being questioned, the perpetrator said – “ he was trying to break into my home, and the outfit he had on had me scared to death, that’s why I swung my axe in self-defense”

He was later arrested and acquitted of manslaughter. But what remains unknown is what kind of Halloween costume Joey wore to warrant such a reaction, why was he trying to break into someone’s house and who chopped off his head and shoved it down his grandma’s chimney?!

Saddening really, poor little Joey, ended brutally. But was he?

Now, let’s pause, and rewind a little shall we? It was almost 11 pm when the bloody masked head came rolling down Mrs. Martha’s chimney. Well of course it was Joey, this head right in front of her had the same mask Joey was putting on, the same!

You see, Joey for reasons knows to him alone decided to dress like a bandit for Halloween. Yes, had had on a black mask, some black gloves and a completely black outfit.

Yeah, it looked like the real deal.

Thing is, if Mrs. Martha had probably taken a second to unmask the so-called human head that was bleeding profusely over her living room carpet, she’d have realized it wasn’t her grandson. It wasn’t even a real head. Now I know you’re probably wondering who’s head the neighbor chopped off, and why was he mistaken for Joey?

Well, here’s what really happened. Immediately Mrs. Martha saw the head roll down the chimney, called the police. And by the time the police arrived on the scene, Mrs. Martha’s neighbor was standing over a lifeless body that was dressed exactly like Mrs. Martha’s presumed dead grandchild, Joey. The neighbor was immediately taken into custody. Well, it figures. He was standing over a headless body with an axe dripping with blood in his hands, and to sum it all up, the costume fit described by Mrs. Martha was exactly what the lifeless body had on.

The Neighbor was detained by the police, and Mrs. Martha was now seated outside her house, crying and wondering what she’d tell her daughter. Her only grandchild had been brutally killed. when to her surprise she heard a voice call out to her “hey grandma” the voice said and as Mrs. Martha raised up her head, her eyes lit up for lo and behold it was Joey. But How! And if Joey was alive, who did the neighbor kill? Whose head was that being examined by the police, and why was the deceased body dressed exactly like Joey?

All these questions were storming through her mind when the cops walked out of the living room with the head in their hands which apparently was a dummy. Yes, it wasn’t real.

You see, for the past couple of weeks Joey had been coming up with the perfect scare for his grandma. He deliberately dressed up as a bandit, and got an artificial head, with the same mask as his. He was also the one who went up to the chimney and threw the head down. Yes, it was truly a master plan. But that still didn’t answer the questions to the neighbors’ crime.

Well, here’s the twist. What happened is a masked bandit had been plaguing that particular neighborhood for some time, and reports had it that he was planning to make a move during Halloween, using the celebration as a distraction. So, the neighbor was only being cautious. In actuality, who the neighbor killed was actually the bandit, who happened to be dressed exactly like Joey. What a coincidence! I know right. At the end of the day, Joey was fine, his grandma was relieved, and the neighbor was not all so guilty.

Whew! What a night.


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